GameStop Says Be An A-Hole Boyfriend, Play Twisted Metal

GR: "I think I'll stick to the video games with GameStop. I got the e-mail above today, telling me how to act in my relationship. The subject read "Send her flowers so you can game!" I have a feeling I'll be gaming for quite some time after the flowers."

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JonnyBigBoss2390d ago

Twisted Metal is my girlfriend.

Sev2390d ago

The real question is here... why did his GF even leave the kitchen? Unless she's bringing him a sandwich....

EmperorDalek2390d ago

That's old. It's also stopping girls from playing games.

Emilio_Estevez2390d ago

Way to go game rev. Take a funny/interesting pre-order and s##t all over it. It's a good idea, writer doesn't have gf prolly, will send to his mom.

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