IGN:Sony Confirms Vita Digital Discounts for U.S.

IGN.COM : "Sony has confirmed that digital games will be cheaper than physical games in the United States. A user on the NeoGAF forums spotted the following image in Best Buy's database, showing Vita games roughly $5 cheaper than their physical counterparts."

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Why o why2359d ago

I hope they do the same thing in Europe. . .try not to bend us over Sony. Digital versions should always be cheaper than their hard counterpart. The only instant I know this not to be true is in the book industry. There are laws around Europe that prevent ebooks from being cheaper than the hard copy rrp apparently.

LettingGo2358d ago

Sweet! If only memory cards were cheaper. Lol. Even the 32 Gb at $50 would be incredible! Plus, Sony would still make a big profit.

dcortz20272358d ago

Only five dollars cheaper? I'd rather pay the extra five dollars and get the physical copy! If it was $10 then yeah it would be worth it, but only $5?

coryok2358d ago

seriously lol, used games will probably be about the same price as the download

and if the digital prices now are any indication of what they will be for the vita, the physical price will drop pretty fast while the digital version stays at full price for quite a while

ginsunuva2358d ago

Well, it shouldn't be a set amount of dollars, because some games are 40 and some are 20. 10 dollars off one is 25% and 50% for the other.

vickers5002358d ago

Only $5 bucks cheaper? Physical it is for me then.

tweet752358d ago

I want games I can play years from now even if the psn network is gone thats why i like phsycial copies whenever possible

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