The Darkness II - February's Surprises

GamingUnion: "This year’s E3 was all about the sequels. Be it Uncharted or Final Fantasy XIII, pretty much everyone had a sequel title on their radar. However, it seems as though one such sequel faded into the background. Digital Extreme’s take on The Darkness franchise has been remarkably quiet in recent times and since the game is coming out in the near future, we’d figure we’d shine some light on it."

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mephman2393d ago

I think this has a real chance to do well, even if it's surrounded by higher profile releases.

Hardedge2393d ago

I like the direction they're going with it, seems to have plenty of dark humour as well. Those arms, they're brutal.

D3mons0ul2393d ago

I'm glad to see that this game actually has advertising. I was pleasantly surprised when the commercial came on last night.

Kal8532393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I agree with all three of you. I think the dark humor, as well as the fairly unique quad-wielding mechanic, intense graphics, and excellent voice cast, are helping it stand out amongst the many other action or fps games coming out soon.

I hope it does well. There's plenty of source material from the comics that would be great in a future sequel. How awesome would a Darkness / Witchblade team up game be?

Kal8532393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Accidental double post. Sorry.