Famitsu review scores (1/31/12) - Gravity Rush scores big

Famitsu hands out near-perfect score to Sony Japan's new title in first review. Konami's new Suikoden game gets its first score as well.

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GribbleGrunger2273d ago

great score. let's hope that the sales reflect that quality. it may even help to shift units (just a 'may' though)

Colwyn2273d ago

bubble up.

anyway, this game is amazing and im buying it first day

sikbeta2272d ago


There isn't much faith in this game coming from SCE, SCEE will make it available as DD only, killing like what 50% chances of people to know it or even buy it? in Japan no one cares about it, but that's because it's not called Monster Hunter :P and SCEA will give a s*** about anything Vita related as they did with PSP, so buy it if you want it but don't expect anything else...

LeBronista2273d ago

I really hope so.. Suikoden if a tough game to challenge in terms of selling a copy of the game despite the score because of the fan base and it's coming out in a much cheaper system.

I hope Sumioni and Gravity Daze do well on the sales chart.

ReservoirDog3162273d ago

If I were getting a vita, I'd get this game first (yes over even Uncharted) cause this is the only game that truly caught my eye in the E3 vita trailer.

Good to know I have good taste I guess.

TBM2273d ago

i was excited for gravity rush since seeing it at E3. it looks unique and and it looks like it using most of the systems features pretty well.

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lelo2play2273d ago

Not saying the game's good or bad, but does anybody take Famitsu review scores seriously ?

additup282273d ago

I think it's like the ign of Japan. Where a hardcore gamer won't take much credit to its review score but for the average not so serious gamer a good review could swing their interest.

I could be wrong though

knifefight2273d ago

It's pretty much regarded as "a magazine for children" here. They're famous for not giving anything a low score.

knifefight2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Here's a Japanese forum post about it, translated into English:

"Exactly, which makes me wonder why they check Famitsu, too." ("They" meaning foreigners, i.e., you)

"Of course it’s fine, Famitsu reviewed it." (Meaning "of course the game got a high score")

"These are all advertisements disguised as reviews."


NewMonday2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

sound EXACTLY how the west gamers talk about IGN,GS, Edge, GT...

"If you take the “com” (soul) and “shin” (honesty) from “Famicom Tsushin”, you get “Famitsu”"(like saying you cant spell ignorant without IGN)

"These are all advertisements disguised as reviews"

"I’m shocked that they gave high scores to Culdcept despite the game-breaking bugs"(change Culdcept to Skyrim)

"But isn’t CoD:MW3 absolute garbage?That’s supposed to be the pinnacle of western gaming? rofl"

"That argument sounds about right to me. Anyone who goes by their reviews are morons"

"I wonder how long they actually play each game they review"

Redempteur2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Well you re not forced to trust a publication whatever it is. and just make your own opinion with the demo..
Its better than to cry about review scores "just because " without a proper reason ..

Don't like famitsu ? don't follow it ..don't read it .. just grab the demo and make your own opinion..

No matter what you guys think , it's still a great place for infos.

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LeBronista2273d ago

Gravity Daze is a new IP.. so I think what they felt about the game was "legit".. no bias..

gtxgamer22273d ago

great score for a launch game! im so excited

cpayne932273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Sweet,I'm really looking forward to this game. My most anticipated Vita title by far.

jonboi242273d ago

May end up being the best handle game of the year.

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