Hoping For A FFVII Remake

GamingUnion: "Today is the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s Japanese launch, but I want to know, will we ever see this classic title remade? By far, 1997′s Final Fantasy VII is Square-Enix’s most recognized and most popular game; the title helped catapult the PlayStation, the role-playing game (RPG) genre, and Square-Enix (which was then “Squaresoft,” one half of today’s whole) into mainstream relevance in North America. The game still commands a good deal of praise and nostalgia from fans of Japanese RPGs, and when Square-Enix celebrated the title’s tenth birthday with several titles and a movie that made up “The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII,” said fans assumed a modern remake of the original game was on the way. An E3 tech demo released in 2005 that re-created the game’s iconic opening sequence fanned the burning rumor, but it remained just that: A demo."

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mephman2184d ago

It's scary to think that it's been 15 years.

Hicken2184d ago

Don't. Not happening.

JDouglasGU2184d ago

apparently square doesn't like money

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