Capcom favors Xbox 360 over PS3 in Dragon’s Dogma, Resident Evil 6 demo deal

PlayStation players, be prepared to invite yourself over to an Xbox household this July, when XBLA scores the RE 6 demo two months before PSN.

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dedicatedtogamers2242d ago

CAPCOM has favored the 360 over the PS3 for this entire generation.

It must be some sort of financial deal between M$ and CAPCOM, considering how CAPCOM games consistently sell much higher on PS3 than they do on 360.

Megaman_nerd2242d ago

360 and Wii too. PS3 still doesn't even has a Monster Hunter game. ;_;

bakasora2242d ago

Another thing that pisses me off.

Optical_Matrix2242d ago

Is that why PS3/PS Vita get 5 exclusive characters on Street Fighter x Tekken. I don't think this is as much of a problem as people are making it out to be. Sony has secured plenty of exclusive deals this generation, as has Microsoft. It's almost become a tit for tat scenario.

KingME2242d ago

Thanks Optical_Matrix! Bubbles

AdmiralSnake2242d ago

Sony getting called the Victim always gets old on this site. People need to look at the bigger picture, instead of picking bits and pieces of stuff, just to make their point of view right.

Bubbles to you.

kreate2242d ago

I dont think sony made plenty of exclusivity deals. I think they made some. I do agree microsoft made many exclusivity deals though.

But it does seem interesting microsoft has to go this low to establish exclusivity of a game in the form of a demo. I would have to lol this one.

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VINNIEPAZ2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Good thing I own all the systems and don't have to worry about petty stuff like this.

EDIT @ "Disagree(5)"

LMMFAO!!! Yes how stupid of me to be a gamer that has all the systems and plays what I want. Maybe I should be a winy fanboy instead. Oh wait, this IS N4Gs after all. Keep hittin that Disagree button fanboys LMMFAO!

jwk942242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

owning one system doesn't make you a fanboy. It simply means that you don't find value in the other systems.

Tres212242d ago

not 2 get in tha middle but tht dont make sense @ jwk94 dats lik sayin if u hav more than 1 kid u dont find value in the others course i still hav my 1st boxed up game gear so i dont kno if i really count 2 hav an

ZippyZapper2242d ago

Hey is this an Aria 51 conspiracy blog? Oh wait nevermind.

OmegaSlayer2242d ago

Stupid thing in my opinion.
It only pisses off consumers.
This exclusives deals should stop whoever they favours.

maniacmayhem2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

When has Capcom favored 360 more than the ps3 this gen?

What has capcom done for you to say this? Considering that Capcom is going all out to support the Vita with its fighting franchises and gave the PS3 version of SFxTekken two extra characters (besides the the two sony pais for). Capcom even supported Home with their own space and clothing.
Capcom has done a very good job supporting both consoles.

Hell they even gave the Wii an exclusive fighter!

I think capcom isn't favoring anything, they only favor money.

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OllieBoy2242d ago

Gonna buy these games used and not feel bad about it.

Screw you, Crapcom.

SKUD2242d ago

LOL. There goes MS's second E3 2012 headline. Not to take away from there main focus (kinect) of course.

Baka-akaB2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Was into the game , so hardly buying it for a demo . Unless some tech issues arise , getting it on ps3 .

Wont be giving that much damn about a demo and two weeks of exclusivity .

Silly gameAr2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Yep. Had my eye on this game for a while. Not sure what happened behind the scenes to get 360 exclusivity for a demo (don't really care) but I'm still getting it for PS3 too.

E: Actually, it's 2 months. If they feel like they need to do this to move 360 copies , let them I say. Time exclusivity is becoming a MS trait anyway. I guess they think it works for them to keep things off of other platforms even if it's just for a limited amount of time.

Baka-akaB2242d ago

I see , well still wont care . Anyone can easily try the demo at worst at their local store , if they dont have a 360 . And either way , it's a demo .

there have been a few ps3 time exclusives demos too

Lavalamp2242d ago

The MT Framework is a tricky engine to predict when it comes to technical performance on the PS3. It worked great for Devil May Cry 4, but not so much with Lost Planet 2. Since they've been putting out media from both consoles, here's hoping it's solid throughout.

firelogic2242d ago

The reason they did it is because they know the game won't sell on teh 360 without other incentives. Dragon's Dogma isn't a game 360 owners in general would buy.

Frankfurt2242d ago

The only RPG that sold better on PS3 was FFXIII, dear uninformed dude.

firelogic2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Ok, what other JRPGs on both platforms sold well on the 360? hell, name any JRPG that sold well on the 360.

ShaunCameron2241d ago

@ firelogic

Well I see Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Tales Of Vesperia is the only multiplatform JRPG to date that sold better on the XB360.

firelogic2240d ago

They both sold like crap. Espeically considering all the hype behind "THE FATHER OF FINAL FANTASY" plastered everywhere for them. Vesperia? It never left Japan for the PS3 so congrats there.

Sevir2242d ago

MS worked out a Deal to have this!!! But i'm sure Sony prolly has this worked out to have Plus Members get in on the Demo the same time! So i'm not worried! if not 4 months extra for the full experience isn't gonna kill me! :-)

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