Twisted Metal Talon (Helicopter) PSN Demo Gameplay

heres a small taste of talons amazing abilities...

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beef3e2184d ago

Can't wait to get home and play this. Looks great.

roadtrucker2184d ago

sick gameplay gotta say that helicopter is sick as hell

Legionaire20052184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

yeah your right about the helicopter it is sick as hell!!! Whoever gave you a disagree probably doesn't know how to use it. Many of these vehicles you have to master it. My favorite is the Motorcycle with the chainsaw hell yeah!!

LackTrue4K2184d ago

im enjoying the 5hit out this game!!! XD

nevin12184d ago

When I was installing, it got stucked at 58%

Legionaire20052184d ago

its probably your hard drive space issue.

krisq2184d ago

Wait a little longer.

solidt122184d ago

95% Downloaded. I'm about to have ball.

nevin12184d ago

lol, why did i get a disagree?

h311rais3r2184d ago

Cuz it's n4g. I have 1 bubble cuz I think there are better games than uncharted.

smashcrashbash2184d ago

Doubt that.It's more likely the way you expressed yourself like most one bubble people. You jump on and say 'Uncharted sucks, I don't understand why Sony fanboys like it so much, the story is so much crap. I think ND developers are no where as good as people say and UC should get 70% at best' then spend the rest of their one bubble days trolling and trying to pretend they are innocent and its the sites fault and not your attitude that is the problem. I am guessing that's you.

Getowned2183d ago

If you don't like it don't comment,or say you don't like it a little nicer and not be a D!ck about it and actually say what you hate about the story or blah blah blah.I think Uncharted is awesome,3 was great but 2 was better imo.

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