Double Fine releasing two games tomorrow writes: Industry legend and all-round good guy, Tim Schafer has just announced via his Twitter account that Double Fine are releasing not one, but two XBLA games tomorrow.

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Neo Nugget2359d ago

I wish they would put some more stuff on the PSN :(

Yi-Long2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

... and then I read 1 of them is a Kinect game and the other is just DLC for 'Iron Brigade', and I stopped caring again.

Pikajew2359d ago

There will be a TNT on the Iron Brigade DLC on Gitanbomb this Thursday :) (when they play the game live and the people from Double Fine will join them)

Noticeably_FAT2358d ago

I like the relationship Microsoft has with DF. Maybe a new Psychonauts game. In a interview recently with Microsoft Tim Schafer said he'd love to do a new one but needs a publisher and hinted at Microsoft being that publisher.