SFX-360's Scarygirl (XBLA) Review

Carly writes:

"When this interesting little game starting showing up in press releases, I was intrigued. I have seen the Scarygirl graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius and thought it adorable. Adorable in a good way, not a Hello Kitty sort of way. Downloadable games can be a risk to buy but SquareEnix and Tik Games did not disappoint me with this one.

Scarygirl was abandoned as a child. She has a tentacle for an arm and wears pirate clothes. The clothes were given to her by Blister her giant octopus friend. She is trained by a Bunniguru, a bunny kung fu master. She has terrible dreams and they always involve the same man. So Scarygirl decides she must find the answers to why she has these dreams."

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