Sky Bringing Pay as You Go Streaming to Consoles

TheSixthAxis: Sky TV has been the subject of some frustration for me recently. I really want the live Barclays Premier League football but I can’t take out a monthly subscription or get a dish fitted to my house. It’s also a high subscription fee every month (£40, currently) and about 200 channels that I not only have no interest in but actively do not want piped into my home. It’s just impossible for me to justify the negatives

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MrDead2392d ago

Sky has also purchased F1 and is now charging to show what use to be free (apart from the cost of a TV licence). Channel 4 offered the full asking price to show F1 for free but its bid was refused.

I wish people would stop giving them money.

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El_Assenso2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Totally agree. Taking F1 was the last straw. Honestly F1 has always been free-to-air, now to watch the WHOLE season and ALL races I have to pay Sky. Bug off. Never payed the damn scums and never will. BBC are a shambles, blocking Channel 4's bid and selling out to Sky. F1 teams went for Skys money or no way this Sky F1 deal would have gone through.