Vita Titles Will Cost Less When Downloaded Via the Online Store

GiantBomb writes: "The notion of Sony and participating publishers charging a bit less for digital purchases of PlayStation Vita titles than they would normally cost at retail has been kicked around for a while, especially given that such discounting was available right at launch when the Vita debuted in Japan. Still, Sony's American division had yet to confirm any digital discounts for the region...until today."

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MGRogue20172361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

If a title is on both PSN & in stores.. I'd say to always go for in-store retail copy.

Also, If a custom firmware for the Vita is ever released.. you'll be able to extract/backup an .iso of all of your titles. That way, you don't need to carry around all of those cards with you all the time & potentially lose them.

BrutallyBlunt2361d ago

So that's your excuse for copying games, in case you lose the original? What if you lose the system itself, should you be able to get a replacement?

At least this is a start to counter less freedom of owning a digital copy as opposed to a physical copy. I still think it's worth paying 10% more for a hard copy. Easier to sell, trade, lend, keep forever and always accessible and so on.

ginsunuva2361d ago

They better be 20 - 25% less.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2361d ago

Good. This shit should have happened a long time ago. Knock 5-10 bucks off the digital title and you will get me to purchase a lot more than I normally would. They need to keep prices in line with stores too. If I can go to any store and pick up a game for 19.99 29.99 it shouldn't be running 30-40 bucks for a digital download.

coryok2361d ago

i dont even check psn much because of this. i can usually go to gamestop and get a used copy for $20 less than a digital there is literally no benefit to me getting the digital copy.

digital copies should be the price of a used physical copy

erivera19942361d ago

If you go Digital, you will need to buy the 32gb memory card for $100. Then if you dont like the game you just downloaded you cant sell it. So pretty much yea im going for the retail copy all the way!

eferreira2361d ago

you dont need to buy a 32gb card you can always back up the game on your pc and load it later derp

erivera19942361d ago

I agree with that, good point

DarkBlood2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

are you serious? i honestly did not know that, wasnt in anything i read about the features of the vita

makes me reconsider getting the vita again and just get a cheaper memory card and put whatever i want to take with me instead of just having it all there at once

yesmynameissumo2361d ago

Doesn't that apply to XBLA and PSN games already?

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