David Jaffe comments on matchmaking errors in Twisted Metal demo

David Jaffe has provided a few updates regarding the matchmaking errors that are appearing in the recently-released playable demo of Twisted Metal.


Added a few more updates from David Jaffe

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Colwyn2359d ago

i need to try this game. it looks wicked

MsclMexican2359d ago

To save people hits, here is Jaffe's quote

"aware of the matchmaking issues some of ya'll are getting- just chatted with Sony: they are on it! Will keep u informed!

It SOUNDS like for the MOMENT matchmaking errors are more DEATHMATCH centric. Not 100% sure but try NUKE while team looks into it. Let me know if you have an easier time getting into a NUKE game? Thanks for your patience- we're sorry about this ya'll!

Still checking on the matchmaking errors folks- stay tuned :(. ALSO: AI in normal mode of final game is NOWHERE near as hard as in demo"

I hate the examiner, just the overall layout of the site, and the fact all their articles are usually 3-4 sentences long of content people care about

-Alpha2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Just keep spamming the join button.

I got disconnected in-game twice, once when I was about to launch a missile.

Biohazard88602359d ago

Cant believe u are getting so many disagrees this game is pretty epic so far !

BX812359d ago

I didn't like it. It's just not my cup of tea I guess. I didn't like the other twisted metals either. Was hoping this would change my mind.

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MGRogue20172359d ago

There's a demo out? Sweet, I'll check it out soon.

GodHandDee2359d ago

the gameplay is fast, smooth and intense = love

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