Questioning the 'vision' behind Final Fantasy XIII-2

Christian Nutt, Gamasutra:" A while ago, I spent a weekend -- mostly while sick in bed -- devoted to watching Red Letter Media’s dissections of Star Wars Episode I, II, and III. These videos are narrated by fictional critic (and serial killer) Harry S. Plinkett.

After watching the reviews, I realized something. Final Fantasy XIII had eerily similar problems to the Star Wars prequels. This is a bit ironic. After all, the series winks and nods to the original trilogy’s (obvious and significant) influence by the recurrence of minor characters named Biggs and Wedge -- after Luke Skywalker’s wingmen.

The chief and most obvious similarity is not something you’d need Plinkett to identify, in either case: hubris. Both were developed by creators who were convinced that whatever they made would be good, that they didn’t address the fundamental flaws in their creative process. This, mixed with the complacency born of having become a pillar of their respective industries, did them in from the start. But the parallels run much deeper than that."

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Megaman_nerd2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I totally agree with this article, Toriyama has no vision let alone any sense of direction to move the franchise forward. He's been with Square since the Snes days and he still hasn't made a single good game. FFX-2 was a mediocre game and he totally ruined the Parasite Eve franchise forever and now working on doing the same with FF. But at least FF worlds are all different so one misstep can still be fixed.

Square should let Tabata lead the next FF game. This guy has proven to be worthy with Crisis Core and Type-O, just don't let Toriyama write any more stories or be director of anything because not even Tabata could save Parasite Eve from Toriyama's awful story. And after reading how he almost ruined FFVII by trying to include panties and a bunch of other retarded/unnecessary stuff to the game I really don't understand how a guy like that still has a job.

Godmars2902273d ago

I don't think Toriyama is the worst of it though - Wada is.

Between what's going on with XIII, the attempt to actively milk one world into many FF games, and what happened to FFXIV, its pretty apparent that Wada's allowed a "lax" management style that aimed more at profit creation than creativity to take over. With the result being that they've had to dump more money into XIV in attempt to recover the investment there while the main FF franchise has come under major fire because of XIII/XIII-2.

Toriyama may need to be demoted, but Wada needs to be shown the door.

iamtehpwn2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

And is it me, or does anyone else find Toriyama's obsession with females to be particularly odd? From his idea of an all female party in X-2, and the female focus on XIII, and he even wrote of the some of the perverted scenes in FF7, I really sort of question...what were they thinking?

Really, his position caused by Hironobuo Sakaguchi leaving. After that, Everyone sort of went up a rank, Kitase now having Sakaguchi's old job and Toriyama now as Director. The guy has no idea what he's doing. I second the motion for making Tabata the new director of the series.

Outside_ofthe_Box2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

13-2 should have never been made or least should been released AFTER versus 13. I'd honestly would be willing to give 13-2 a shot if I had at least played a good Final Fantasy game within the last 5 years. I see 13-2 being released before vs13 as a slap in the face from square. No one asked for a sequel and more importantly the release of the sequel delayed an anticipated game.

They should have released 13-2 AFTER vs13 as there would have been considerably less hate surrounding its release and people would see it as SE trying to right a wrong as opposed to them shoving it down our throats.

Godmars2902273d ago

As much as this is a bone of contention, FF13 should have remained a PS3-only project. That, or as 13-2 proves that basic game content could have been more compact, it should have multi from the ground-up. It was the indecisive direction of its production which cause its problems, and also created 13-2.

Then again I think this while console gen should have been held back 1-2 years. That the Japanese especially weren't ready for it.

Also, to go off on another tangent, am I the only one who thought 13 was a prison/fugitive theme? That it was a chase movie that really didn't have any chases.

PirateThom2273d ago

I don't think it's that Japan wasn't ready for it, long development cycles go hand in hand with Japanese developers. I think it's just that a lot of Japanese developers really lost sight of what thet needed to do and where they needed to take their franchises.

Godmars2902273d ago

I don't think many Western devs were ready for the current consoles. That many closed their doors, turned out titles that were barely fit for PS1, says so.

Also, there have been PSN/XBL games that were shown running years ago that have yet to be released. Journey for example. What's going on development-wise there?

Run_bare2273d ago

I haven't play XIII-2, and I only have one comment to Squeenix. They should stop milking this beloved franchise. Go and finish VERSUS XIII before they make anything else. Give Tetsuya Nomura the freedom to do what he thinks is right and release VERSUS XIII - the only FF that has the chance to redeem itself.