Gamesradar- Soulcalibur V Review

Gamesradar- With its increased pace, defensive tweaks, and reincarnated fighters, Soulcalibur V feels like a sorely needed reinvention for a series whose formula has gotten too long in the tooth. It feels as accessible and nearly as entertaining as Soulcalibur II and soundly one-ups its HD predecessor. You won’t realize how much you wanted this revamp until you’ve put in a few hours on the arcade sticks.

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MultiConsoleGamer2358d ago

The soul still burns!

Really looking forward to this. And thank God, no stupid star wars characters.

(I love Star Wars, I just don't want SW characters in my Soul Calibur.)

Tanir2358d ago

its really awesome, the story is actually good, my only Quam is that Guard impact has been basically removed since it uses Energy, dumb move i think. otherwise awesomeness. Legendary souls mode is so tough

Baka-akaB2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I think it's actually good as it negate abuses , especially when it's performing better and easier than before .

In this game, Guard Impact can give you better returns off smaller pokes, as any hit afterwards becomes a counter hit.

Dont forget about the Critical system too .

At least someone wont be easily parrying blows while upping the jauge . And you can be meter rewarded if using just impact guards .

Basically while revamping the Guard impact to fit the new gauge system , they even added the sf3 neat parry system , with both advantages depending on moves

h311rais3r2358d ago

All though vader was fucking awesome.