Letter from an indie PC developer regarding piracy

An indie PC game developer shares his thoughts on piracy and how it affected his studio.

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MGRogue20172308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

There's nothing wrong with pirating a game just to try it out & see if it's worth purchasing.. is there?

Developers should always release demo versions of their titles.. especially indie developers with their indie titles.

Megaton2308d ago

I never pirate indie games, but at the same time this guy acts like he was going to be seeing steady sales from now until eternity. Sales slump over time. Fact of life.

I'd also be curious to know who he is and what games he's made. It definitely matters. If your games are terrible, then people won't be buying them in droves anyway.

BrutallyBlunt2308d ago

Try actually reading the entire blog. They made games for YEARS, since 2009. Sales were decent for those years as described and then in January of 2011 it was on a torrent site. In 5 months sales dropped 80%. Do you not think he took sales from 2009 in consideration? Do you not think he compared sales for those two years to those 5 months?

People can defend their actions all they like but piracy has hurt the industry. This is just one example. Piracy is available on all types of games, both good and bad.

caperjim2308d ago

I legally buy all my PC games. Cant say the same for many others.

Letros2308d ago

Another piracy sob story from digital battle, maybe the devs shouldn't have made bad games. Sucessful indie devs make fun games, piracy or not.

BrutallyBlunt2308d ago

What a stupid comment. Skyrim is pirated, so was many other games. Whether the game was good or not is irrelevant to condoning piracy.

The guy had to let go of half his team and spoke out why and you think it's just another sob story? There are many good games that don't sell well for many reasons and piracy is one example. Another could be marketing or poor pricing. This article deals with piracy so don't bring up the games were crap to low sales. It's pretty obvious the timeline of it hitting the torrents that it had dire effects.

Letros2308d ago

Woah, who's condoning piracy? Piracy happens whether devs like it or not, bottom line is, a good game sells better than a bad game. Team Meat surely didn't have any trouble selling a 300 MB game.

closnyc2308d ago

how bout you doi some research before you bash it on piracy? yes piracy has its effects, however, binding of isaac, a flash game has sold over 400k copies, super meat boy, bastion, magika, dungeon defenders, have all sold more than their console counterparts on steam and some devs have even been surprised at how good pc sales have been for them. Lets not even mention minecraft. So in other words, his game is either crap, or he didnt suppport it the right. Either way, he should be talking like that to his audience. Good luck on XBLIG since he wont even make half the sales there cause MS doesnt give them any space to be recognized or even seen. Hes a little bitch for not mentioning which games he has made and then decides to insult his audience. He can go screw himself.

BrutallyBlunt2308d ago

Well they don't like it, now they are not making PC games and instead supporting IOS. I'm sure those who jailbreak their devices can still somehow play them (don't really know how it works on IOS devices, just guessing). In the end piracy has hurt legit buyers and those who want their games on the PC will no longer be getting them in the future.

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