In The Age Of Skyrim, RPGs Face Stiff Competition

Forbes: Bethesda’s epic role-playing-game ‘Skyrim’ is perhaps the greatest RPG ever made. Graphically, the game has no peer. Trudging up a windswept mountainside under a full moon, snow whipping up off the ground into your character’s face; approaching ancient ruins or a high stone bridge above a roaring river; the sudden shadow of a dragon overhead; these moments create a mood and a grandeur that are unparalleled in the gaming world.

I remember playing through Oblivion years ago and marveling at the gorgeous vistas, the intense sunsets viewed from high peaks. Skyrim surpasses that beauty – indeed, it represents an evolutionary step beyond its predecessor in every way possible.

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Raider692240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

QUOTE "I’ve played Skyrim on the PC and on PS3 at this point, and found the console version much better"SERIOUS???.Another one that seems to not know THAT HE can play SKYRIM with a xbox 360 controller on PC!I frankly cant believe this guy ever played the game on PC after seen that quote!