Resident Evil 6: Cause for concern

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:I’m a big — no scratch that — I’m a huge Resident Evil fan! Ever since Resident Evil 2, aka the game that change the way I game forever (Thank you Capcom) I’ve been loyal to the brand. I even like Resident Evil 5, which quite possibly a lot of people would disagree with me. And even though I wasn’t blind to the flaws, it still overall was a fun game.

So it’s safe to say I was pleased with the announcement of Resident Evil 6 and Capcom gave us a trailer too? With gameplay?!!! However upon watching the the trailer there was cause for concern, I’ll explain why.

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SephirothX212362d ago

I've no doubt Res 6 will be a fun game but will it be a horror game like the old games or level based and just full of action? I want backtracking, puzzles, a creepy atmosphere, gross enemies, limited ammo, no main campaign co-op, moving and shooting, few very linear parts and no levels. They can have whatever co-op they want once it's not in the main campaign. Meet these demands Capcom or I will kill the hostages! Woah, I think I've just confused my passion for the Res series with my hijacking business.

Sevir2362d ago

that RE5 failed at!!! Controls and atmosphere! Story was never something Resident evil games lacked so i'm sure that the story for 6 will be top notch especially with 600 people working on the game! From the Trailer they seem to have to bringing atmosphere and tension along with outrageous and gritty settings!!! I Love what they have done and i simply cant wait to play the game this November!!!

No Concerns for me