BioWare Announce Voice Cast for Mass Effect 3

Albatross Revue | In a series known for delivering one of the most cinematic experiences in all of interactive entertainment with an emphasis on high quality digital acting, BioWare is aiming to once again set a new bar with Mass Effect 3. Today, BioWare, a Label of Electronic Arts Inc., unveiled the cast for 2012’s first blockbuster game, Mass Effect 3. The ensemble will see the return of fan favorites, including Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man, Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale as Male and Female Shepard and will introduce Freddie Prinze, Jr. as James Vega, a marine who will help Commander Shepard take Earth back.

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MultiConsoleGamer2334d ago

Quite a notable cast. They're using a ton of VA people for this game.

Draken-F2334d ago

Game of the year 2012, just awusome.

rattletop2334d ago

Jess chobot as a team-mate. hmmm.. hope the action with her isn't on the battlefield. lol