Twisted Metal Demo Is Live

The Twisted Metal demo is now live, search it on the PSN for access.

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soundslike2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )


mafiahajeri2393d ago

Hahahaha I swear I was thinking of Shang Tsung when I read that. In the begining when hes on the boat and looks up and shouts "IT HAS BEGUN!!!"

Why o why2393d ago

Its in the what's new section... No need to search

Cosmit2393d ago

Can anyone give me their quick opinion on it? I currently have no internet so no D/L for me :/

KeybladeMaster2393d ago

Crap. I am at work and can't start downloading it till I get home. You win this time world but guess what... I will wreak havoc in Twisted Metal when I get home.

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lorianguy2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )


*Has gimme-gasm*

- Unfortunately it's only live in the US atm, so I have to use my American account :(

TheLastGuardian2393d ago

Downloading now. I'm beyond excited to finally try the game of my dreams. I've been waiting for this moment my entire life.

I'm going to send a recommendation to all of my PSN friends. If I have to I will download the demo on multiple PSN accounts so I can play it over and over.

lorianguy2393d ago

If your friends don't instantly download it, break into their house at night and download it for them! Then, when they wake up, they'll have a nice surprise ;)

Abdou232393d ago

I don't understand why this game is such a big deal, maybe i should try it and find out...

frankiebeans2393d ago

my ps3 is dead f my life.

frankiebeans2393d ago

60GB launch day ps3 my you rest in peace till the day you get sent out for repair, you will be greatly missed.

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The story is too old to be commented.