Vita Games Will Have Slight Discount On US PSN

Thanks to Best Buy we now have insight into Vita DD prices.

"Digital versions are cheaper by prices ranging from $3 to $5. For example Uncharted: Golden Abyss will run you $44.99 for a digital copy rather than the $49.99 for the boxed version."

This is a 10% discount.

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Waddy1012333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

This is good, instead of charging RRP for retail PS3 games that can be found for half the price at a retail store on PSN they're doing the opposite which is a step in the right direction.

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Sev2333d ago

This is both great news and a devil in disguise. Memory cards are expensive, and they fill up fast.

I got a 4GB card with my JP Vita, and the card could fit Little Deviants and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, with a tiny bit of space left over for screens, pics and a trailer.

The cost of the cards mean that either you're going to be swapping content on and off the card constantly, or you're going to need more than one card, or at least a larger card.

My best advice? Get yourself a 16GB or 32GB card, and use it for PSN Vita titles only, and buy retail. At least until the cost of the cards comes down. Otherwise, you're essentially paying more (digital game + mem card = more than retail version)

kiikoooo2333d ago

but if you buy a 32gb one and still have 2 or 3 retail games on it then i don't see myself having a problem. Im sure a 32 would easily have more than 4 games and id rather save up and delete/redownload than paying more for retail. If the discounts are worth it of course.

Game4life2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Your supposed to be able to hold like 10 games if the average size is 3 gigs which uncharted via download is not even that

Ifr i remember correctly when I saw the download sizes from japan, Nothing went past 3 gigs. Most were between less than a gig and 3

despair2333d ago

well considering you could back up your games on your PS3 and PC or redownload them at anytime once they're purchased then I don't see the need for the larger cards, other than convenience.

HungPHATx2333d ago

I'm going all Digital ! PERIOD

SubZeroMaster2333d ago

prepare to have either multiple cards....or very little room

GraveLord2333d ago

He doesn't need multiple cards. He can delete the games once he's done with them if there's not enough room. He can always redownload them later if he wants to play them again.

ronin4life2333d ago

That's more complicated and inconvenient than just buying physical only and having to change the carts....

HungPHATx2333d ago

For the select titles i want 32GB will be fine for what ill be using the VITA for, If i run out of room I'll buying another card or store the game saves on the cloud and re download them as I need them.......I love the convinance of going all Digital like my iPad/iPhone. Games on Memory cards feels so 1990's IMO......enjoy the VITA fellow gamers

morganfell2333d ago

Better yet I can just keep the downloaded games on my PS3. When I want them I cross load them. What does that take, a minute? Some people are just dying to find something in the Vita to hate.

despair2333d ago

you can also back it up on your PC if you need to so I don't see why you would need more than one card.

MaxXAttaxX2333d ago

But I have to disagree with the "Games on Memory cards feels so 1990's" comment. It's probably one of the reasons I like it.

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consolez_FTW2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I'm getting a 16gb card though im gonna go half digital and half physical. From what I hear it's good to go balance it out so your not filling up memory cards too quickly with just games. Still need room for music, videos, and other content.

jaymart2k2333d ago

I don't need music,video on my PS Vita.

That's what my Iphone or Ipad is for & you can even stream your library to it without using space up.

Razongunz2333d ago

i'm getting 16 GB mem i will not buy any digital games except the PSN-only games like hustle kings, super stardust delta and gravity rush.. i will save the reminding space for future PSN-only titles, pics, some music for in-game custom soundtracks and i'm also picking up some of my favorite psp titles..meybe about 5 or so..i should be good for a while.. if i run out of space i'll just get a 32 GB when i can actually get it..since its not coming to EU at launch.

MasterCornholio2333d ago

Same here and I will use the card for arcade, PSX, PSP and Vita PSN titles. I am actually disappointed that the discount is very little but they can't anger retailers by charging very little for digital copies so I understand. What the real question is will they stay at that price forever or will the price drop as the gEm gets old?


erivera19942333d ago

Digital will take up too much space on memory cards, and the memory cards are expensive, i'll rather pay the extra $5 for a boxed version

firelogic2333d ago

You don't have to have every game you buy on the memory stick. Play the ones you have and delete them. If you need to dl them later, do it. It's not like it's a one time dl and that's it.

jonnyp7772333d ago

or back them up on your ps3, then switch them out as you desire.

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