EDGE- Dark Souls' Grand Vision

Edge- "Despite the relentless influx of new titles always coming to market, there are some games that we just can’t seem to permanently eject from the console. Dark Souls has a way of stubbornly finding its way back into rotation. After spending roughly 120 hours living – and dying, and dying, and dying – in the dark-fantasy world of Lordran, returning to a place filled with so many indelible experiences offers a nostalgic headrush on par with visiting the home in which you grew up.

Here, we sit down with Dark Souls creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki to discuss the game’s design and artistic vision in more granular detail."

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AbyssGravelord2274d ago

Please Hidetaka Miyazaki make a sequel :(

camel_toad2274d ago

I can honestly say as far as unannounced sequels go this is the one I am eagerly waiting on the most. Oh a sequel to Dark Souls... Those words officially announced would have a real impact on me.

Run_bare2273d ago

I second that. I love this series. Please listen to the fans and make another one.

zerocrossing2273d ago

even a sequel to the Dark franchise would be incredible news! I really hope they make another sequel =)

MeatAbstract2273d ago

Think they'd do a sequel or another successor?

I personally see a successor. Since Demon's and Dark Souls weren't big on stories and focused more on gameplay and the world, I could imagine they'd make another world and something like Dragon's Souls or something.

yeahokchief2273d ago

It does not surprise me that we're here in Feb 2012 and still talking about Dark Souls.

This game has something called ARTISTIC INTEGRITY which is becoming quite rare in games today with sequel after sequel conforming conventions, formulas and characters to appease the masses/sell more. FROM focused on creating a meaningful experience, stuck to the vision and created an extremely polished gamer's game. If you create something awesome, the success will naturally follow. You don't need to inundate us with millions of dollars worth of advertising spam.

I played DS more than all other 2011 releases combined and i'm still playing the shit out of DS. Unquestionably one of my favorite games of all time in my 20+ yrs of gaming.

FROM should definitely do another innovative spiritual successor. Dark Souls is a masterpiece. You cannot simply recreate a masterpiece. Future gamers NEED more developers like FROM to create these unique experiences.