To 3G Or Not To 3G, That Is The Question: Why You Want A 3G PS Vita In Your Life

GR's Jon Lowndes writes:

The PS Vita release now just weeks away and reviews, previews and hype is everywhere. But a question has been raised in all that discussion that seems to be dividing gamers. Is it really worth that extra $50.00, not to mention the monthly fee, to secure yourself a PS Vita 3G?

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darthv722212d ago

but I would still want the 3g version. It would be the most complete version available. You can game in wifi on the 3g but you cant game in 3g on the wifi model.

Its like people that had to choose between the 20gb or 60gb ps3's. The 20gb gave you the basics but the 60gb was the total package.

I like how I can get the 3g model without having to get the service at time of purchase. At least there is that option.

jonwl892212d ago

That was exactly my thinking when writing this article. Even if I don't choose to use the 3G 90% of the time, it'll still be there if I ever decide that I do want to and that's good to know.

Godchild10202212d ago

That is the reason why I'm getting it. I really won't use the 3G network but its an option that I like to keep open if it is ever needed.

That and the fact that in the US, its the only model that comes with the first edition. Also, since Sony is giving away a free month of 3G, I might as well try out the features that the 3G can be used for out side the house.

FriedGoat2212d ago

I was thinking this also. I think I've changed my mind and will go for the 3G. Only problem I have is I will be wanting to swap my phone sim in and out of it but i hear there are problems with Microsim converters

Colwyn2212d ago

3g for me because its my choice. its awesome to be able to surf the net and all without fiddling with my mobile phone

BrutallyBlunt2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble once again Colywyn but you can't browse on the Net while playing with Vita. Now sure what you mean by fiddling with a smartphone since each has a touchscreen.

Vita also has a cap of 20MB downloads on Vita.

BrutallyBlunt2212d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble once again Colywyn but you can't browse on the Net while playing with Vita. Now sure what you mean by fiddling with a smartphone since each has a touchscreen. You are also capped at 20MB downloads on Vita.

Coltrane_C2212d ago

Colwyn never claim that they meant browsing at the same time...Pretty sure they know that

dark-hollow2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

You cant "game" online through 3g if that what you meant.
Plus downloads capped at 20megabyte.

Get the wifi version+ tether your phone to the vita = 3g version.
And this method is actually better because the vita aknowledge the tethering as a wifi hotspot so you can play online and download as much as you want.

FriedGoat2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Not true, Wipeout has the ability to play online over 3g, also the location functions may not work correctly with tethering.
Also your 20MB limit depends on what dataplan from which provider. Here in europe its unlocked but I also hear there is a device that you can slide in with your sim to unlock the US version.
Dont believe me?

Second video down 13:20 Wipeout developers state "you can be on a bus playing over 3g with someone on a ps3"

Colwyn2212d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

why cant guys accept that not all girls are tech savy. its just more convenient to have the 3g model no matter what. im quite sure there will be a few short comings with the 3g version but getting the 3g version is just to have it in case down the line 3g connectivity gets cheap. the 3g version is also the superior one because more features are available that utilizes it

to each his own but convenience convenience convenience

dark-hollow2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

am not sure about wipeout but from what ive heard you cant play online through 3g.

Why not just save money and time and just tether from the phone?
Its not like you arent carrying everywhere.

Plus you save battery life as 3g eats batteries so add a high tech gaming and you get very short battery life.
A tethering phone with decent battery tethered to a wifi vita probably will last longer than a 3g enabled vita.

Its not that hard to figure out how to use your phone as a portable hotspot. Even the user friendly iphone have this feature.

It just a suggestion for better value for your money.
If you see otherwise then by all means get the 3g version.

StraightPath2211d ago

buy wifi one and save the rest for a 3ds.

Johnny Jiron2211d ago

I'll settle for the tether with my cellphone option. My phones rooted so the hotspot is free plus it'll save battery life and save me money in several ways.

sikbeta2211d ago

3G function is useless, also you can't dd games, update, what you can do with it? browse and use near? nothing else, not even games that use 3G as some way to push that unit...

moparful992211d ago

I'm getting a 3g.. Primarily because I want the first edition bundle so I can retrieve mine a week early... But I like the 3g version because if at any point I need or want to use the 3g I have the option and Since I'm not commited to a contract I can activate and deactivate as I please... WIN/WIN

nbsmatambo2211d ago

personally i'm getting the WIFI version. I'll have WIFI where ever i go cuz ill just make a hotspot with my phone...

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Sithlord-Gamble2212d ago

I already have my wifi preorder paid off but this does make some valid points. Im even second guessing getting the 3G model now after reading this, which im sure was the authors main goal. Kudos to u!

jonwl892212d ago

I'm glad you liked it! See if you can't switch up your pre-order, I've never heard of any retailer turning down extra money!

MasterCornholio2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Nope but I want the WiFi version. I really don't view 3G as being that usefull to me.


Hicken2212d ago

I MIGHT have considered it if it weren't locked to AT&T.

In general, however, wifi will be more than enough for me.

MGRogue20172212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

I very rarely go outside.. so WiFi PS Vita is good enough for me.

jonwl892212d ago

that's a fair point, and to be honest it was, along with "contracts", my biggest problem when deciding whether to go 3G or Wireless. I just like the total freedom that the 3G grants, so even on those few occasions I'll find myself stuck on a long train ride, I'll know I can still access everything I'll want.

admiralvic2211d ago

I got to admit I really love articles that have no point and try to justify something...

The 3G only add's 3G and if you believe some people better GPS. Programs like Near work all the same... well not as well, but it's not like that one feature warrants 50 bucks.

Ultimately if you pay 20 dollars more, 50 dollars more or some insane mark up if it becomes "rare"... this is really the same "slippery slope" logic some people push like they got a valid point.

For instance if I want an Ipad thats a 500 dollar expense. Theres no way to easily expand storage so for an extra 100 bucks I can double the memory if for some reason at some point I may need it. This argument is mostly the same. You're paying an additional fee (be it 10 or 50) to obtain the right to pay an additional fee. Thus the OC is not 20+ bucks, but 20 + 3g fees for whatever month you use them. Thus this cost is most likely high for the average consumer.

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