RipTen Review: SoulCalibur V has Everything Fans have come to Expect from the Franchise

RipTen: If you like fighting games, character customization, and awesome weapons and stabbing things with said weapons, then SoulCalibur V is the game for you!

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jaredhart2362d ago

Can't wait to play it tonight!!!

Nostradavis2362d ago

I have never played a SoulCalibur game. In fact, I've only ever played the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat series when it comes to fighters. It looks fun but I'm just not sure a fighting game can be deep enough to warrant the cost of a new release these days.

BlackjackCF2362d ago

It's really up to you, but I'm not a huge fan of fighting games and I have Soulcalibur V. This thing was worth every penny. Amazingly fun.

GenerationTheGreat2362d ago

I've never really liked fighting games either but I may have to try this one.

bfenty2362d ago

Loved IV. Can't wait to play this!

c0lwyn2362d ago

I dont know...the action in this game seemed fake to me. I liked when the others had Sony exclusive characters like Kratos, they made it alot better. Il probly save up for God of War 4

Emessai2362d ago

I don't quite understand your logic there. What do you mean?

VTKC2362d ago

there is no logic to that comment of theirs.

Baka-akaB2362d ago

i fail to see any sense in your comment .

Is is supposed to be fake compared to others ? Then what the hell does it have to do with kratos ?

And the only sony exclusive sc chars were Heihachi and kratos . None of them fitting the timeline and style of Soul calibur's storyline .

Ezio is probably the first character that can fit naturally there as an 16-17th century Italian character . SCV is set during the 17th century

VTKC2362d ago

fake? Well how long would a fight last if it was based on real if one were to take a hit from astaroths axe or any of the sharper pointed weapons any of the characters weld? Let alone take a hit, how would you possibley BLOCK the attack with any of the other weapons? Speaking of fake. How real do you think Kratos is?

BlackjackCF2362d ago

Explain what you mean by fake? Also, I think God of War 4 isn't due for a while, so you should be clear to buy a couple of games before Santa Monica Studios pumps another out.

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