BF3 - DICE Acknowledges Map Bugs, Comments on MAV Exploit and DLC Rumors

MP1st - "DICE has confirmed that PS3 users should expect an update this Monday to address the VOIP issues. The developers also commented on various issues."

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RememberThe3572182d ago

I want this damn patch already! And they need to nerf the frag rounds, they take no skill and it's pissing me off!

finbars752182d ago

I cincur Rememberthe357.The frag rounds are silly with no skill.I do use them on two maps though only to give them a taste of there own medicine wich really pisses the people off who use it on a daily basis.They really need to fix the voip and lag.I put in about 190 hours now and its been getting worst and worst each week since release date.Its to bad that these few things are actually holding the game back to being greatness.\its still a good game but playing as a squad is pointless if you cant chat with them or the game freezing on a daily bases.Well we need to pray hope that this patch will solve some things.

FlareDReborn2182d ago

Input lag better be fixed!

MGRogue20172182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Their first priority should be to fix the random freezing issue on the PS3 version. It is really f**king annoying when it happens as I have to hard-reset my PS3 every time it occurs.

It's funny because the problem didn't seem to occur at all on launch & I've played 70 hours since then.. It's only just started doing it since mid December.. So it's probably something to do with their servers.

It's so bad at times that sometimes I just say "F**K IT!" & switch over to MW3.

SJPFTW2182d ago

100 hours in BF3 here, only froze once

Skate-AK2182d ago

About 60 hours in on PS3 and no freezes.

Detoxx2182d ago

160 hours into BF3 on PS3 and froze 10000 times

RememberThe3572182d ago

I've had a freezing issue as well. Your PS3 might be over heating. That seems to be my issue every time.

ElliePage2182d ago

Meanwhile, DLC weapons like the MG36 can't be used on DLC maps without the game freezing or the weapon being held above your head. It apparently only work on the maps that aren't DLC.

SJPFTW2182d ago

LOL funny they fixed this a while ago as ive been using it all day today

nolifeking2182d ago

My HK seems to be working fine.

Holeran2182d ago

No input lag fix? Eff you DICE. This kills the game more than the VOIP issues for many people because they hate playing with sloppy ass controls. Fix your damn game that millions of people payed for after you gave them a taste of it with the incredible Beta, only to crush them with the half ass retail controls. Going on 4 months DICE. I've bought 5 retail Battlefeild games but never again unless you fix your f*ck up now.

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The story is too old to be commented.