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GamingUnion: "NeverDead is almost a parody of the gaming industry in its current state. There are some bastions of home, but we've entered into an era where like it or not, games are becoming a lot easier to complete. Some even offer you infinite lives – it's literally impossible to fail. NeverDead pokes fun at this by allowing you to play as an immortal man who, and here's the kicker, can't ever die. Well, except you kind of can, but the premise is that no matter what the game throws at you, there's always the chance that you can keep on trucking. Is it a great concept? Yes. Has it been done justice? Well, to a degree. You can certainly rip your head off, throw it at people and kill people with your severed arms, but when you aren't doing that, the game may well provide you with a fair few frustrations."

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Hardedge2363d ago

Sounds like a fun game regardless, I'll probably pick it up when it's a little cheaper.