From Software apologizes for Dark Souls frame-rate issues, unsure if there'll be a sequel

Dark Souls developer is sorry for the frame-rate issues in the game and isn't sure if they'll have a chance to work on a third "Dark" game. From Software also isn't sure if fans will forgive them.

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DaThreats2394d ago

Its ok
Just make a sequal

2394d ago
young juice2394d ago

dear from software, i am incredibly disappointed with dark souls' frame rate on ps3. you could learn a thing or two from bethesda

frostypants2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

That's a joke, right? If you ranked the buggiest games of this gen, Bethesda's titles would be at the top of the list.

Dark Souls is an awesome game, framerate issues or not.

They'd better make an effin' sequel (or at least another game with this style of play). Demons Souls and Dark Souls were the most important games of this gen IMHO, in terms of innovation.

Blacktric2394d ago

"Demons Souls and Dark Souls were the most important games of this gen IMHO, in terms of innovation."

This. We need at least another Souls game developed by From Software this generation. I mean come on. Why are they even unsure? Demons Souls sold great for an exclusive new IP and Dark Souls also did great for a hardcore RPG/Action game. A sequel sounds like a no brainer to me.

Kevin ButIer2394d ago

Oh my beloved From software, just get a decent programer that helps you to sort out the framerate issues.... BUT PLEASE... y need a damn sequel...

young juice2393d ago

guys relax i seriously was joking look at some of my other comments where all i do is complain about how bethesda f'ed up skyrim on ps3

guess i needed an /s

MsclMexican2393d ago

Unfortunatley most of us are unable to tell if someone is serious or joking when reading a comment.

I admire from software, because they openly come out and apologize to the fans, and tell them that they dd screw up.

Where as Bethesda does not care for their fans, they never apologized for a problem that most PS3 gamers had, and are showered with GOTY awards.

I think that reason alone makes me dislike Bethesda immensely....

The least we deserve is an apology

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princejb1342393d ago

im pretty sure theyll make a sequel next gen

yeahokchief2393d ago

Why should they be sorry for making the best game of 2011?

TVippy2393d ago

Don't fucking apologize, at least release a patch.

brish2393d ago

'From Software also isn't sure if fans will forgive them.'

If they don't make a sequel I won't forgive them.

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RedDead2394d ago

It was annoying...but wtf? Make a goddamn Sequel you bas****s. My Goty, Demons was also my Goty

Ser2394d ago

Agreed. Demon's and Dark were both my GotY choices for 2009 and 2011.

Just because a couple of areas in the game had framerate problems doesn't mean that there can't be a sequel. Make another one!

Captain Qwark 92394d ago

agreed with both and WTF!!!!!! im a grown ass man and i never cry. however, dont make a sequel to the souls games and i will! :O do you really want me to cry from software????

if its a money thing, ill donate just tell me how much you need and ill give you what i can afford!!! (im already buying ac5 so technically im giving you money anyway )

Solid_Snake372394d ago

Yeah, make a sequel! Even though im still stuck on the last boss.... I love it!

Captain Qwark 92393d ago

@solid snake

idk if they changed it significantly since the update but if your stuck on the last boss you can try what i did. get your pyromancy up a lot then use iron flesh as soon as he gets close then just keep hitting him with combustion. i dropped him in about 30 sec this way

d0nni32393d ago

Mine too and by quite a margin!

Very humble approach from the developer but to not make a sequal would be a great loss for the industry there games stand head and shoulder above a vast majority out there

kramun2394d ago

Just release it on pc and all will be forgiven as we play it in its full glory.

Brownghost2394d ago

It will be amazing, in 1080 and better hardware, it will be amazing.

2394d ago
DeadeyeMouse2394d ago

Oh sweet, that way it can sell far less, get pirated like crazy and lose out on the much more profitable abilities of a console that more people are able to use due to cost.

Voxelman2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Wait are you saying that if they released a PC version the console sales would decrease somehow? Sorry to break it to you but those copies have already been sold and a PC release doesn't retroactively unsell copies of the game, neither does piracy. Also remember Dark Soul's anti piracy initiative? yea already pirated before it even launched on consoles.

Also COD comes out on PC every year and that sells, Skyrim was on PC and that was the second highest selling game of the year, and the PC version also sold extremely well and broke Steam records, with over 300k simultaneous players on Steam.

From Dust was the biggest game on XBLA with 350k sales while on steam Magika broke 1.3 million while being buggier than Skyrim, Binding of Isaac which had everything against it with permadeath, disturbing art and story etc 450k copies. And hardcore WRPG The Witcher 2 sold over a million copies without any from Japan while Demon's Souls sold 1.5 million after 3 years with 400k of those in Japan, Dark Souls has barely done 1 million on PS3 and 350k on 360 so far...

HardCover2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

PC gaming has been "dead" and/or "dying" since 1985, man.

It's nowhere near as bad as you kids make it out to be. It may be the Wild West, but the good ol' folk still outnumber the rabblerousers, no questions about it.

specialguest2393d ago

Release it on PC with mod tools. Now that's what I'm talkin' bout.

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Darkfocus2394d ago

Except new londo(haven't played in a while that was the ghost place right?) I found the framerate fine...I hardly had any FPS drops in blighttown which I heard a lot of complaining about...

entitygm2394d ago

Didn't have too many issues in Londo myself, it was all Blighttown and even that could be avoided by turning the camera certain ways. All they needed was a draw distance limit, but it was an ambitious zone to begin with (you could see the top from the swamp).

Even with the drops it was just part of the challenge. I, one amongst many, really hopes they don't kill the series.

Legionaire20052394d ago

yeah the game has great draw distance wow!!! in anor londo I can even see message signs from far away!!!!! It is a well made game I would hate to see them not create a sequel!!!!

Blaine2393d ago

It depends how you approach New Londo. If you do it slow and cautious and you kill every ghost on the way, you won't have framerate issues. But when you run through and then you have all those ghosts chasing you from all over the area and going through walls everywhere, then your framerate gets downright scary.

You can easily see it at the place where you kick down the ladder. Just go down to New Londo, run past the first 4 ghosts and go straight to the ladder. By the time you're on the ladder, your framerate will have dropped to the single digits. What you have to do is run to the ladder, quit/ load game, and then proceed.

Darkfocus2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Londo turned into a slide show for me as soon as I entered it...wouldn't matter if I killed all the enemies or not...Blighttown I never had FPS drops unless I was destroying physics objects...

AKS2394d ago

I think Blighttown would have ran more smoothly if they just took out a lot of the breakable debris. Breakable components of the environment are cool and all, but not when you've got it everywhere and things slow down.

Overall, I thought the game looked fantastic, and the seamless transitions between areas was one of my favorite aspects of the game. It felt like one comprehensive world, yet each area had it's own unique look and style. I have to say Dark Souls had one of my all time favorite game worlds.

gigreen2394d ago

If one of the best RPGs ever doesn't deserve a sequel, I don't know what's wrong with From Software.

How much more support from gamers and press do they need?

OdinX2394d ago

Honestly, it's a lot of Japanese game companies; their way of thinking, to say the least; their fans scream one thing and they take another route, and then bitch about why their sales are so low in the west. Personally, I prefer Japanese developed games over western one just because the variety and creativity is something that often overlooked in western games.

frostypants2394d ago

What I love about the "Souls" games though is that they are such a twisted Eastern interpretation of Western influences. The result is amazing and entirely unique.

I'll take Demons Souls/Dark Souls over a traditional JRPG every day of the week.