The Future of Console Gaming: Are We Ready for the Cloud?

With rumors of the next Xbox 360′s hardware surfacing more each day, and the impending release of Nintendo’s Wii U (name subject to change) one can’t help but ask themselves…What’s in store for the future of Console Gaming?

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360ICE2388d ago

I've been ready for the Cloud ever since someone said FFVII remake. (with Kinect/Move support, haha :P) But I might be missing the point.

Smashbro292387d ago


Wanna play that game off the cloud in 20 years? Tough shit. My discs and cartridges however are still right where I left them.

decrypt2386d ago

20 years later, you wont be having the console that could play the games that you do have.

Though there is another alternative, could go PC and emulation all the old consoles, that would work lol.

tehpees32387d ago

Physical products still have a place in the market. Just ask Sony :P

Therefore I don't think consoles are going anywhere yet.

Wintersun6162387d ago

Digital distribution is increasing but going all-cloud like OnLive is not going to happen anytime soon because a huge chunk of gamers don't have good enough connections. I don't know how well OnLive works but I believe having a physical or digital copy on your own console/pc is a much better and lag-free experience than streaming a whole game. Also if you are dependant on your internet connection to play, it would suck if for some reason your connection would be down. Add the fact that many ISPs are adding bandwith caps and you have quite a long list of legit reasons to keep gaming "on the ground".

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