100 Year Old Grandma Plays Nintendo DS Daily

A video has been posted on YouTube showing a 100 year old grandmother that likes to play Nintendo DS daily. She says it keeps her mind healthy and she enjoys it.

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Oldman1002482d ago

She looks great for 100. I'd tap it (the bottom screen of the ds, just in case she needed help).

Magnus2482d ago

She doesn't look 100 its great that she plays the console and keeps her entertained. My grandmother bought a Wii and barely uses the thing.

mcstorm2481d ago

She do not look 100 at all and good to see people at this age still enjoying there life.
Also to be 100 and active enough to play games is amazing and I hope if I manage to live that long I can stall play on my consoles ect.

browngamer412481d ago

Too cute..My Grandma has the EXACT same DS-she plays it daily!