Battlefield 3 VOIP fix on PS3 slated for February 6th

"As mentioned earlier, we have identified and fixed the VOIP issues on PS3 that some Battlefield 3 players have experienced. This fix will be released in a mandatory update of roughly 20MB that will be released on February 6th. You will be automatically notified of the patch when you start up your game."

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Majin-vegeta2390d ago

Yes thank you it's annoying when people in my squad get cut off and i can barely hear them.

LackTrue4K2389d ago

i know what you mean!!! i under stand if its people on the same team, but on the same squad!!! there's only 4 of us!!! o_O?!

Crazyglues2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

finally, it's about time.. hell if it's only 20mb's why not just release it now, why the hell are we waiting until Feb 6..

This thing is so long overdue... I've been having these mic problems since day-one..

-About time they finally got around to fixing it - just sad that it took this long..


PR_FROM_OHIO2389d ago

Finally!! but this should of never took this long EA,DICE!!!

leogets2389d ago

Bfbc1 voice chat only worked for the 1st 5 mins then a year later it was 3 months isnt so sad.glad they sorted it,skype calls on mobile really drained my fone more than I liked.

Rainstorm812389d ago

About damn time Dice.......can't wait to actually be able to consistently talk to my squad without half the words getting cut out

MidnytRain2389d ago

Four months after release?