Game Gear Games Coming To 3DS

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sega's portable system, the Game Gear, succumbed to Nintendo's Game Boy, but it still played host to plenty of quality titles.

Most of these games have remained under wraps for years, but now it appears they'll hit 3DS, presumably through the system's eShop.

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john22391d ago

Hell yeah, huge fan of Game Gear here

darthv722390d ago

tv tuner and mastergear converter were great add-ons. Especially the MG converter.

On a side note. has there been any word on Lynx game support? Love to play xybots or todd adv in slime world on the 3ds.

Emilio_Estevez2391d ago

My GG still works, if only Double Dragon didn't disappear on me.

deno2390d ago

Oh man that's great news. I remember back 1992 when I was seven years old my mother bought me a gamegear at clover store. I'm pretty excited.

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