The Top Five: Game Series That Should Go On Hiatus

In the gaming world, with sequels and rehashes very popular, it's quite easy for a series to become stale and repetitive. Here the author presents his opinion of five video game franchises that could benefit from taking a break from regular release cycles and why.

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Godmars2902307d ago

At the very least, FF should not come in yearly iterations. Periods of 3-4 years would be fine, while the 6+ year limbo vsXIII is in is something else.

iamtehpwn2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I think Final Fantasy should come at the pace it's always came out at, which would be about every 2 years. Perhaps it's Nostalgia because it was back in the "good old days" of Final Fantasy, a new one would come out around every 2 years.

after all, 7 in 1997, 8 in 1999, 9 in 2000, 10 in 2001....only 12, 13 and Versus XIII have had a monster ungodly development time.

I'd rather a new final fantasy come out every 2 years for the most part anyway, than side-game filler yearly and a new FF every 4 years.

Godmars2902306d ago

And thus my confusion over what is actually the "sudden" need to be radically different just to be different and the problems that's caused. Announcing XIII and vsXIII pretty much at the same time and not using the same game engine. XIII when it was first announced was suppose to make a graphics statement, and now the same is being said about vsXIII.

Wada and Toriyama have no real understanding of the foundation Sakaguchi - was made to - left them.

XishikiX2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

these type of articles are dumb whether you like the games or not. The goals of games is to make money. When they quit making money. Then they go on hiatus, see what Activision did with Guitar Hero.

It would be absolutely idiotic for them to put AC, FF, or CoD on hiatus.Those games are the highest selling game for their respective company's. That’s bad business. If you don’t like the games don’t play them.

You could much more reasonably argue that some of those titles shouldn't release yearly, and they should increase the quality of each release, but that isn't called a hiatus.

XanthanGun2307d ago

But you could argue that the reason they stopped making money ala Guitar Hero was because they flooded the market with titles, and players got burnt out paying for the same thing year after year. And the titles on the list (COD notwithstanding, that game seems to have the momentum of a train; they could release half yearly iterations of that and it's still sell) could see that; Need for Speed is almost in that boat already I'd say.

Though I agree, hiatus is probably not the best choice of wording

GraveLord2306d ago

Extremely stupid article. Why would Call of Duty go on hiatus? Millions of new players are enjoying MW3 and millions of new players will enjoy the next one. There's no reason for it to go on hiatus. Review are good, sales are good, community is big.

Final Fantasy. No reason for it to go on hiatus either. Don't believe everything your read on the internet Half of the internet is just trolls.

Assassins Creed? Disagree. There's a lot of people who enjoy these games and they aren't even hardcore gamers. No reason to go on hiatus either.

Madden 2012. No chance.

Need For Speed. I agree.

TheUnbiasedLion2306d ago

Final Fantasy is a yes in a way (it was better when they didn't milk the franchise and brand everything FF for a cheap sale) but the main series should be a craft that takes years...maybe not 6 years - looking at you Versus -

COD is a must, I liked COD 4 but seriously every year is a bit much, i don't really bother picking up the game now, i just go to a friends if i want a quick shot of playing 13 year olds online.

NFS - yes in a way but they try and stay fresh and change up the forumla so i think they are okay.

As for madden i don't play it but like tiger woods/fifa (sports are a yearly thing in the gaming world)

Assassins Creed: not so much of a fan of the game i liked 1 and two but they kept churning games out so i just gave up tbh (feel the assassin creed fan hate for not playing the other games) plus I wasn't to invested in the characters. So i don't know about that one.