SoulCalibur guest characters: A retrospective

A look back at a weird parade of "What the hell? Why?" that Namco has created.

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TheSanchezDavid2394d ago

Link will always be my favorite Soulcalibur guest character because hell yeah!

darthv722394d ago

seemed to be the only one that really fit in with the tone of the game. Spawn was more of an after thought because they couldnt think of anything exclusive to the xbox platform to use.

heihachi was an obvious choice being that he was a ps character and from another namco series.

Kratos looks like he fits the style of the series as well. I have not played that version of the game.

Yoda, vader....well what can we say.

h311rais3r2394d ago

As much as vader and spawn didn't fit they were still awesome to play as!

Baka-akaB2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Imo the only fitting one , if people were going to care about that , is now Ezio , as he at least comes from pretty much the same time era than the SC cast .

"Not only did you choose a dude without a weapon to be in a game FULL of weapons, but also, you didn’t give him one as a way to fit in."

He still had gauntlets instead of bare naked fists .

Wich a few of us found awesome . I liked the idea of someone with only glove going up against those weapon master .

In good hands he was rather kickass .

Imo his fighting style should have been kept around , but given instead to some new character , be it a mishima distant ancestor or someone else .

There the devil jin custom style , but from first glances , it seems overpowered . And the whole "laser" and flying kills the idea of a hand to hand only char