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GameDynamo - "Since its release in September of last year, Hard Reset has garnered a large group of die-hard fans who found its old-school FPS roots, intense visual styles, and cyber-punk attitude a perfect mix for a 1990s-styled FPS. Perhaps the biggest problem gamers had at the time was that the game was just simply too short. Well, never fear, because publisher Kalypso is bringing us Hard Reset: Extended Edition."

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mynameisEvil2276d ago

Oh, this'll be great. Always thought the game was too short.

Too bad this wasn't included with the game in the original friggin' release, though. I find it kind of sad that there needs to be an edition of a game called the "Extended Edition". However, I must also praise them for creating such an addition when many companies with games that have short story-lines do NOT do this.

I can't figure out if I'm praising them or scolding them with this comment. 0_0

tinydinosaurs2276d ago

Let's just be happy there's more! :p

ATi_Elite2276d ago

Goody good good!

More Hard Reset game play coming up.

They could serve up some tasty DLC every 2 months and I would bite! Some good ole fashion old school gaming.

I like the fact that the DLC makes changes through the whole game and then adds more game play.