Dungeon Defenders regrettably witholds character and costume DLC from XBLA

"We all made many sad faces when we found out that Monday Night Combat would be abandoning the XBLA DLC plans in favor of continued and bolstered support for the PC version. As it happens, more sadfaces are on the way as Trendy Entertainment has wound up in a similar bind when comparing their XBLA support versus PC for Dungeon Defenders. However, Trendy isn’t jumping ship like Uber Entertainment did (let’s call it like it is), there will be compromise."

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cain1412276d ago

Can't wait for the new DLC

XeoZin2275d ago

The 25 january Trendy announced that there will be no new classes, and no more dlc than the eternia quest for both xbox and psn. Only pc and mobile will get updates from now on sadly.

KidMakeshift2275d ago

That sucks for both games. I wish I didn't buy them on Live now because now I'm going to have to buy them again on PC.