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GameZone writes, "If you are planning on picking up this title, know that you are buying it for the combat gameplay and for character creation -- not for the story. If you enjoy playing fighting games over Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network, love the SoulCalibur universe and play style, and like fast paced technical fighters, I would strongly recommend this game."

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TheSanchezDavid2386d ago

Not bad! Game looks awesome! It's a shame the story is so lackluster, but I mainly play Soulcalibur games to play with other people.

Tanir2386d ago

im confused, the games story is the best from the series IMO, actual cutscenes (tho beginning has more Pictures than anything) and its pretty interesting.

just people get mad cuz it concentrate on the the alexander family.

just wish it started with all pieces of creation at begning, i mean the pieces from part 4. then unlock part 5 only parts. still its awesome. oh and they did ruin the guard impact

h311rais3r2386d ago

I'm actually impressed it has a follow able story this time and is different from the past 4. And has cutscenes and voice acting.

Baka-akaB2386d ago

Last time we got a Soulcalibur game with plenty of modes and features we got III, easily the worst game in the series. I'd rather they focus on getting the gameplay right first, then do a "Super" Soulcalibur V later with the bells & whistles