Co-Op or Competitive

"In the past few months, I’ve witnessed how diverse the gaming community can be. For instance, I hang out with a couple of guys who think Call of Duty is heresy, while a good part of the school believe it’s the greatest game to walk the face of the Earth. I am indifferent on the matter of Call of Duty Fanboy-ism, but one thing I’ve noticed about the two factions is their differing personalities."

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tarbis2390d ago

Both. When I got tired of competitive then I'll go for co-op. =)

CaptCalvin2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

how about true Co-op? sick and tired of these so called "coop" games that just encourage ppl to run in and compete to get more kills than the others. There needs to be a modern game that truly encourage cooperation by making the players rely on each other. There used to be some games out there that does this well, but those days are long gone.

S_C2390d ago

Co-Op or Competitive? = Competitive for me, just cant really get into Co-Op

Droid Control2390d ago

Co-op for me.

I loath competitive play.