9.0 A Few Hours in Eve Online - New Player Review

Cody Hargreaves from teaches you the meaning of space. Take a look at the experience of a new player in the first few hours of EVE Online.

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h311rais3r2392d ago

Wish I could play. Every time I get into the menu it redownloads the same client. No matter how many times I install.

ExPresident2392d ago

Liked reading about this but I'm probably not going to bother even trying to get into Eve Online at this point, its just been out for so long.

That being said I'm extremely excited about the stuff I've read about its counterpart on the PS3 - Dust 514 and the implications the worlds will have on each other.... that is if it turns out like they want.

Either way, Dust 514 is definately on my radar.

MMOGames2392d ago

EVE Online is a game that will always be worked on by CCP, they constantly upgrade the graphics (sits amongst the highest quality graphic MMOs) and are always adding new features. The games age doesn't matter, the universe functions in a way that there is no rush to end-game, there is no real end-game.

It's really worth the try, but hey, someone has to man the battlefields while we sit in the sky sipping coffee and pushing flashy buttons. :D

ExPresident2392d ago

I'm fine with that last part as long as there's some level of "clan" feature to the PS3 Dust 514. My understanding is like it will be somewhat like MAG where there were 3 factions who battled over contracts. Winning meant you defended on your map more.

The problem with that was that was it, no real reason to care about contracts. I want more than that. I want to in a merc group that people know "oh crap they own that" or "oh crap they are coming back" and others to know my group is good at getting those contracts completed.

I'm really pumped that Dust 514 may do that, atleast I hope.

DraconicPanda2392d ago

Oh how you in in for a good ride. just wait until you see the impact that you will have on the EVE universe with a few well placed, well timed shots.

Its never too late to start playing EVE. A 1 day old character can cause as much disruption and damage as a 5 year character. It may take a little more finesse but it can be done. just being the eyes on the other end of a stargate is enough to save countless lives or stage the ambush for just as many.

MMOGames2391d ago

Guilds/Clans in EVE are called Corporations. Players of DUST 514 will be able to join these corporations under a merc division, with live chat etc between both EVE and DUST players.

DUST players receive contracts to take certain objectives on planets, so that corps can control them. All money DUST players earn is paid by players of EVE. You can be known as the powerful corporation who dominates in both EVE and DUST, under the same banner.

Basically, I think this is everything you were saying you wanted :)