Where is Kingdom Hearts 3?! - Kingdom Hearts Union

GamingUnion: "Kingdom Hearts Union is back and ready to kick 2012 off like true gamers! Sit down with the group, which this week brings Branden, Lauren, Churro, and Jackie to talk about all things KH. Welcome in the new host, Branden, as he makes his debut as the man in charge this show. This first episode of the year is practically swamped with KH news since the last show."

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tweex2391d ago

What are you talking about? Of course we've gotta get through BBS 4 and Re:Re:Re:Re:Re Coded first.

zeal0us2391d ago

I wouldn't count on KH3 coming out anytime soon. Too many spin offs and side stories.

latinalover2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

this is what I read. "As a gamer who grew up with Kingdom Hearts, I’ve been waiting for an official third entry since high school. And I’m talking sophomore year. The series tugged on the ol’ heartstrings, and featured an ending that left us wanting more. So where is Kingdom Hearts III?

It’s coming. And from the same team that’s developing Versus XIII.

“Kingdom Hearts III will happen,” said an anonymous Square Enix developer. “It may be several years from now, but it’s going to happen. Once we finish Versus XIII and rest from that, we will start on Kingdom Hearts III.”

I responded with a laugh and quipped “so six years, right?”

I received laughs in return and, “yes, most likely.”

2390d ago
Neko_Mega2390d ago

I would like to see KH2 Final Mix on the PS3 Playstation Store. All in english too.

tubers2390d ago

stuck in the "Realm of Darkness" until they milk teeny Sora enough.

latinalover2383d ago

why do they make sora young in every game except for KH2?

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