Microsoft Points – don’t get rid of this virtual currency

Jack Turner: Along with rumours about the next Xbox’s capabilities, another emerged about the way we buy content on the Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices. It could soon scrap its virtual currency system; Microsoft Points.

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greeneggsnsam2359d ago

The left over points are too annoying to overlook, it leaves me with wasted money!

hellvaguy2359d ago

Its all psychological. You dont really need that extra $1-2 dollars of points to be at zero at all times. If your that tight on money, you should get into a cheaper hobby like scrapbooking.

Godmars2902359d ago

That $1-2 is money MS has in its bank earning a tenth to a hundredth of a cent yearly. As totaled from over millions of accounts.

TheoreticalParticle2359d ago

Uh, scrapbooking costs a lot of money.

spicelicka2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

That doesnt make sense, the point is that it's unethical and pathetic of microsoft to force extra $2 out of every transaction just so the customers are forced to buy useless virtual avatar crap, which should be free anyway...

If instead that money went to charity then i'd be happy.

hellvaguy2358d ago

Geez to think I always leave over $1,000 in my checking account at all times. Imagine how many more times powerful $1000 is over 1 dollar?! Im gunna go rage the bank for allowing this to happen and have left overs in the account.

Godmars2902358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Um, you know that banks use your money as venture capital right? The collateral for loads inside your community as well for ones around the world? That where they get to keep most profits from those, they then will nickel and dime you to further increase their income. This times every other account they have.

What MS does with your left over points is more akin to a cashier keeping your change from a purchase, "holding" it in the form of store credit, but for all other purposes its all their money from the moment you gave it to them.

Sony does the exact same thing with that penny because you had to had over $10 to buy something at $9.99, but its just a penny.

Until you go into the whole pre-paid card thing...

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Megaton2359d ago

That's exactly why point schemes like these exist. To get you to have leftovers, wasted money, unless you buy more.

RedDead2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Yeah but the ability to buy cheap never really came to my mind, if you get 25%(or more) of points from Ebay or something you are saving alot of money. For example 2100 points is 18.88 on Ebay. It's 27 euro in shops(I think it is anyway) that's over 30% off.

techie2359d ago

But then as this guy says - you still have left over money in your PlayStation Store wallet as there's a £5 minimum.

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Jallen2359d ago

Finally, I hate MS Points and Wii points. The only good thing about it I've experienced is that occasionally MS gives away points.

Brosy2359d ago

I couldn't care less either way. Keep or not I don't care.

arnyftw2359d ago

I agree with the article, ms points are much cheaper than real money like on psn. And you can have discounts and stuff which you cant with real money. I would rather spend 1200 ms points on a dlc than like $25

cr33ping_death2359d ago

how are they cheaper??? if you have to buy DLC that is a certain price you have to buy more points than needed... whereas you can just pay the exact amount the PSN.

Aloren2359d ago

Let's say you wanna buy a 1600pts game, which is about 20 euros.
If you get your points on live, you have to get 2000MS points for 24 euros.
If you buy a card, you can get 2100pts for 19 euros.

In the end, you pay 19 euros instead of 20, and you have 500pts left.

So yeah, that qualifies as cheaper to me. For anyone who knows how to use them, MS points are much more interesting than real money.

techie2359d ago

Well, the article gives an actual example to compare so he has a point.

Plus, you can't pay the exact amount on PSN. You have to put money into your wallet at £5 intervals... diff in the US?

cr33ping_death2359d ago

@techie...i have never had to pay more than what the asking price was.... not sure if its different.

techie2359d ago

Hm, but don't you need to put a set amount into your wallet, where the transaction is then taken from? So if something is £2, I have put £5 into my wallet, where £2 is then taken, leaving £3 left in my wallet...

cr33ping_death2359d ago

@techie.... everything i have ever bought was over 5 dollars so i wouldnt know... could be.

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Persistantthug2359d ago

Why would the discounting have to end?

Aloren2359d ago

Because as far as I know, no shop offers to buy 20 bucks for 15 bucks... the discount you can get with ms points is an additional discount, not related to stuffs like "deal of the week".

arnyftw2359d ago

I've noticed that you never get discounts for psn credit, while you get discounts all the time for ms points

lorianguy2359d ago


My local GAME store reguarly sells £25 PSN cards for £20. I bought two the other day.

koehler832359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

The idea that being able to hoard points purchased at a discount is a positive aspect of the currency is a skinner box response.

You have been conditioned to pay money you have now based on the potential to save money on something you may want later. Um.. just put it in the bank and accrue some interest. Or actually invest it somewhere.

Your money is more valuable to you in your pocket than in Microsoft's.

If you just -happen- to find some MS points at a discount the day before you were planning on spending money anyway, well hey granted, it's a positive thing for a consumer in a very rare circumstance. Much like winning the lottery vindicates one idiot out of millions.

Aloren2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

"You have been conditioned to pay money you have now based on the potential to save money on something you may want later. Um.. just put it in the bank and accrue some interest. Or actually invest it somewhere."

I'd say spending 20 bucks in advance to get a 20 to 30% bonus on your purchasing power is a pretty good investment. Well, it is for anyone who regularly buys games anyway. But I guess if you intend to never buy another xbla game again, it's a waste indeed.

trouble_bubble2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

There's rarely anything on PSN or XBLA that catches my eye as is. I spend most of my time playing retail games. Why stock up on points cards just to play winners like 'Amy', lol?

Maybe if someone buys a lot of DLC or online passes for some reason, but then they're probably rich enough to just buy newer games anyways.

Why spend just to look at an account of monopoly money grow that gathers no interest, when you can just keep it in your wallet and spend it as needed? Just cuz something's on sale, doesn't mean you have to buy it. I've passed on $4.99 brand new retail Move games at BestBuy because I simply didn't need them, great price notwithstanding.

techie2359d ago

Plus you can get discounts on PSN cards anyway.

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