‘Humble Bundle For Android’ (And PC) Launches! Wait, What!?

A new Humble Bundle has just gone live but it’s a little different from what you’re used to as it’s for Android, but fret not, it’s also available for PC too!

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Pacman3212391d ago

Whoever invented the Humble Bundle idea is a genius.
You get awesome games, for four platforms, and your money goes to charity / developers!
What's not to like!?


WTF? No support for iOS even when all 4 games all available on it without needing any trick to install them? Lame. Where can I contact the responsible for this site?

chanmasta2391d ago

Maybe it's because iOS is an absolute piece of sh!t.

Do yourself a favor and get an Android phone. Now that's an OS. One that doesn't limit the user on everything he/she does. Apple wants everyone to do what they want them to do, and to do it their way only.
Android = freedom.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II, and have shown many people the phone, its features, and all about Android and EVERY iPhone user I've shown it to besides one has dumped their Apple phone and picked up an Android. They love it. The one who stuck with Apple is just a sheep who only sticks with the iPhone because his friends have them, even though he gets mad at it often due to limitations not found on Android devices.

Break away from the sheep and have no limits my friend.

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PLASTICA-MAN2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I was chatting with the site owners:

"Zeb: Unfortunately we don't currently have any support for the IOS, but who knows about future bundles

→oh thank you for that I have hope

Zeb: I feel your pain though, I have iPad I'd love to play these on

→I never miss any of your bundles

Zeb: thanks for your support! We've definitely seen a lot of demand from IOS users, and that also means a lot"

Edit: at above, reported for personal attack. I don't need you to answer me. I see why you are left with only one bubble, good luck with it.

kwyjibo2391d ago

No, there is a trick, and that's pay the 30% Apple tax.

Isn't that ridiculously obvious? Do you honestly believe that Apple would allow you to set up a competitive app store and undercut them?

Yeah, it's lame, it's Apple.

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fatstarr2391d ago

and it makes tons of money. great system should be in every business.

so you know if your product is absolute shit you wont make any money. ahh Equivalent exchange and the workings.

chanmasta2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Double post.