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Brash_Attack2391d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I understand wanting to be the first person to post it to N4G, but after you just copy and paste the press release and get your place holder spot, at least add something to your
"article". A sentence plus a copy-paste from the press release does not make an article. Shit, I feel like simply adding a picture will make it at least look a bit nicer.

Oh god, you have worse articles. Your Kane and Lynch article is about a sentence long. This is news!?

killerhog2390d ago

We FF fans should boycott this dlc, it should of already been included on the disk. This isn't a fighting game or shooter it's an rpg, they simply cannot exclude things. I remember when I could play a complete FF game without having to buy additional packages. It better be free or no thanks squaremoney I mean enix

Rush2390d ago

Any idea how long FF13-2 has been out in Japan numbskull...

Why should the content of already been on the disc, also didn't people complain about FF13 having NO extra content.

Seriously I understand Square-Enix games have gone downhill lately. But to be honest when your "fanbase" is a bunch of whiny children there's little incentive to make great games.

killerhog2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


okay, enjoy paying for alternate endings. also, by your logic, i guess thats why capcom charges for alternate costumes now, because street fighter was out longer in japan. alternate costumes and endings were always on the disk, charge me for a new characters or stages, but seriously costumes and endings?? and japanese developers ponder over why their game sales suck in the west.

Army_of_Darkness2390d ago

Didn't cry about No DLC for FF13! why? because there shouldn't be anything missing from a FF game. Besides, FF13 was boring, with annoying characters and just very disappointing, so why would I even hope for DLC?!

I hear FF13-2 is just over 20hrs. long while previous FF games will last you at least 40hrs.
20hrs. game + several DLC= 40+ hrs.?!
square enix are getting a little to greedy here.

omi25p2390d ago

i once submitted this article

TheBeast go so upset that i posted it first he reported my article claiming it wasnt from the correct source (Its

Then accused me of asking my friends to submit the article because i want to make a profit off of the article (Dont know how thats possible)

He said this:

Duplicate story

"Just throwing this out there, the story above was SUBMITTED first, you got your friends to approve etc etc. The rule is, the first to submit with the PROPER source gets approved."

trenso12389d ago

I think you FF "fans" need to be quiet, I'm not happy about the dlc either but you guys complain about final fantasy more then COD haters complain about COD. Just give it a rest. Hopefully versus comes out and is 10x better.

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TheBeast2390d ago

If you dont like it then dont read it. There are far worse sites out there who copy and paste the press release. All the news piece needs is news. No bull shit info should be added.

Brash_Attack2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

If I had known it was like that, then I wouldn't have read it. Now I know, so now I won't read stuff from this site again.

ElliePage2390d ago

Lightning DLC = Ending of FF13-2 (that's what the "To be continued..." means).

Just like when Ubisoft released that epilogue DLC for the first Prince of Persia game this gen.

Ubisoft = First to make endings DLC
Square-Enix = Second to make endings DLC
Capcom = First to make Prologue DLC

Crap companies...All 3 of them.

2390d ago
-Gespenst-2390d ago

I'm looking forward to this game, but it annoys me when DLC is announced before the game is even released. Put it in the goddamn game then you capitalist swine!

Bethesda have the right idea. Let ideas gestate for a few months, then work on some really substantial DLC. I think that's the only condition that justifies DLC. Anything else is just money grubbing.

Darrius Cole2390d ago

Bethesda does have the right idea. Developers should release the game, let it gestate for at least 4 months, and then release DLC that actually adds to the game. It should be a new quest like the Knights of the Nine and/or Brotherhood of Steel, or a useful addition designed for high-level characters like the Wizard's Tower was.

kramun2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

What a surprise. Milking their milkathon even more.

When we get to Final Fantasy XXXIII they will have dlc released before the actual game.


True, it's unlikely to change in the near future.

Drekken2390d ago

Can you blame them when people keep buying their crap. The only way we can get our voices heard is by talking to their wallets.

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