Nintendo Network: it’s a step in the right direction

Nintendo finally understands that they need a cohesive online gaming network.

But is the recently announced Nintendo Network too little too late?

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pat_11_52390d ago

I like the idea of the Nintendo Network. I just think that it should have come out over 5 years ago...

They're going to be so behind every other company online wise. But like the story says, at least it's a step in the right direction. It's certainly better than nothing.

Shok2390d ago

No such thing as "too late". Like the saying says, "better late than never."

Did any of you read the comments on IGN's Nintendo Network article? People were complaining about it. So basically:

- People complain about Nintendo not having a network.

- Nintendo makes a network

- People complain about Nintendo making a network.

It just doesn't make any sense lol.

TheSleepyGamer2390d ago

Life is full of hypocrites - the gaming community more so.

A sad truth.

Shok2390d ago

People should just be happy that they're finally getting it together.

If Microsoft made XBL free next gen, why would I scold them, saying they're too late or "welcome to 2006"? I should just be happy that I no longer have to pay for the damn thing.

When you ask for something and finally get it, be grateful for it.

TheSleepyGamer2390d ago

I wasn't personally complaining.

But there is such a thing as too late. You don't call an ambulance when someone has been dead for a week.

pat_11_52390d ago

What I'm wondering is if it's even possible for them to catch up at this point.

Knight_Cid2390d ago

There is no such thing as too late.

The virtual console sold the most old games of any network this gen

You add those games, more games, dlc, and nintendo can build a country of money

TheDivine2390d ago

They said they have features another company doesnt so im hoping for custom soundtracks and cross game chat on wii-u and maybe a messaging system and custom music on 3ds. They really need to have some trophy system for the 3ds tied into the network. I want to get coins or stars (trophies) for zelda oot. It prob wont be perfect at the start but its a step in the right direction and i cant wait to see how nintendo does it. They will prob have something creative that the other systems dont.

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The story is too old to be commented.