New Playstation Vita Trade In Offer Lets You Double Your Credit

Trendy Gamers: Last week, we posted a deal about the Playstation Vita having a Trade 4, get $100 off deal at EB Games/ Gamestop Canada. Well, they have decided to add yet another trade in deal that allows you to double your credit.

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darthv722216d ago

4 $8 games get bumped up to $25 and gives you $100 off and add in a handheld and it doubles. Sucks that I dont live in canada to take advantage of this.

This has to be the best incentive i have ever seen.

TrendyGamers2216d ago

It's pretty good, especially if you have an old PSP or DS laying around that you don't use anymore.

darthv722216d ago

was back in 95. Yeah that long ago. I traded in several genesis and snes titles to score me a ps1 virtually for free. I think I paid something like $25. That was a long time ago and allot of games.

I am not one for trading in games or systems anymore. But i do like the incentive. Yeah I have a couple of spare older DS systems but those wont be worth much to GS. They are worth more to me as a collector.

TrendyGamers2216d ago

Which DS's do you have? Any special edition ones that are hard to find? I have the original phat one and an XL.

Needless to say, the original DS doesn't get much use!

darthv722216d ago

i have 2 fats, 3 lites and a dsi. They are all different as i am a collector as well as a gamer. Only ones I dont have are the xl and the 3ds but .....soon.

Axecution2215d ago

This sucks so much. I JUST traded in 4 $8.00 dollar games and a DS Lite toward my Vita pre-order.

I got like 60 bucks for the DS Lite so i mean i only lost out on 40 dollars i guess. But it's kind of annoying since it was just like two days ago that i traded them. Dx

STGuy10402216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Fantastic deal. Maybe it will come to the US?

TrendyGamers2216d ago

It's tough to say. Sometimes the US Gamestops stay in line with the Canadian ones but so far for the Vita, Canada has had way better deals.

Soldierone2216d ago

Been asking the Gamestop guy I talk to all the time and he never really hides anything (even said I could come get my Vita when their shipment comes in so i don't have to wait) However even he is saying its surprising but there are no offers on it, just the 25 dollar extra from a system trade in.

I'm going in today or tomorrow to pay the rest of my pre-order and I'll ask again.

Godchild10202216d ago

You should tell him to send an email to his DM and his DM should be able to get an answer. I'm going to ask my DM tomorrow when I go back to work.

nikrel2216d ago

Just called local GS here in middle TN no luck on trade ins.

Skate-AK2216d ago

I wish I had this trade in. I would go pay off Vita tomorrow.

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