Reasons Why Capcom Has Turned To Garbage

Capcom is a legendary game publisher that has created legendary games and genres over the years. Making the survival horror and fighting genre popular, there is a lot Capcom has done for the industry. However, nowadays it seems Capcom could care less about the consumer, or the fan.

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zeal0us2184d ago

"Emo May Cry"...well they did outsource to Ninja Theory but ultimately the design problems is Ninja Theory fault.

Milking is one of Crapcom biggest problem
-Arcade Edition

My goodness how many editions do one game needs?

Simon_Brezhnev2183d ago

DLC is another one of their biggest problem. Capcom are the Con Artist in the gaming industry.

Lyle912183d ago

They've been doing that for a long time though.

Mikhail2183d ago

The same goes for gaming journalism and analysts with their one sided statistics..

Agent_hitman2183d ago

Not to mention their favoritism for Xbox 360 over ps3 on the RE6 issue... Fck you CAPCOM you are not different from activision

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