Just Add Water not interested in Wii U, says non-published Nintendo games don’t do well

Studio behind Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD is critical of Nintendo for their poor relationships with indie developers/publishers and how non-Nintendo titles don't sell well.

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Shok2333d ago

Devs have always been scared to compete with Nintendo games. That says a lot about the quality of Nintendo's first party games.

Sucks though, Oddworld was a pretty interesting game.

Pushagree2333d ago

Looks like problems that kept the wii from making good games are going right into the wii u.

This just proves that casual gaming hurts gamers in the long run. The right thing for nintendo to do is make Gamecube 2 and scrap the wii name.

darthv722333d ago

its like nintendo keeps all the good libraries to themselves and the 3rd parties get no real support in creating games for the platform. Now it would be really sad if nintendo started enforcing a lock out on development for rival systems to encourage more support for their platforms.

Meaning that if you want nintendo's help, you must sign the contract that makes the game only available to them. It would be like the NES all over again. I really do think there are some creative developers out there that would want to try and push the wii/wiiu but are just not that secure in vesting the interest to make it work.

There are plenty of core type games on the wii but they go unnoticed due to the overcrowded casual market.

AWBrawler2333d ago

I wonder who here even owned a gamecube? I'm sick of hearing Gamecube 2. When I had my cube, everyone else had a PS2, so I got a PS2 as well. Why all the Cube love now???

Lazy_Sunday2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Nintendo is going to keep doing what it's doing because it's making more money. Here's my two cents:

1. Indy games aren't generally profitable, unless you count Minecraft--namely because the game isn't built around an audience it's built off of an original idea that's not executed with the same cost efficiency you'd get with say a FPS developed by Activision or EA.

2. The Nintendo consoles have tried to be family friendly but have learned that third parties like Just Add Water generally don't make money off of 'family friendly' games.

3. Why the hell would we want another Gamecube. The Gamecube lost to both the Xbox and never even came close to the PS2. Hell at the end of 2005, the Gamecube had 20M consoles sold, the Xbox had 24M, the PS2 had 100M. According to VGChartz the Gamecube only made a 1.7M increase from 2005, and it still had support and games being released up until 2007. By comparison the PS2 has over 150M consoles sold to date. Sure some games were great but it was the least successful console on the market.

4. Nintendo just isn't good at getting quality third party titles because they're too focused on themselves to help their third party.

5. Nobody's going to want to develop 'exclusively' for the Wii-U--right now that thing is a huge risk and it's graphics aren't going to match next gen, if anything they'll hold it back or keep on their own Nintendo scale like this gen being the 2.5 where PS3 and 360 are the 3, they'll be the 3.5 where PS4 and Nextbox will be the 4. Nintendo needs to wisen up and get their head out of their behinds if they want to compete with the next gen, or if anything--get back the gamers they lost with the Wii.

hazardman2333d ago

I had a Gamecube, my favorite games on it Resident Evil 4, Capcom vs SNK 2EO, Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem,Soul Caliber 2 playing with Link in a fighter was awesome along with Spawn on the Xbox version. and of course Smash Bros. So I'm gonna give it mad LOVE!! Gamecube seems like an aftertought but the Gamecube along with the Dreamcast were awesome for their time!!

AWBrawler2333d ago

I'm not knocking the Cube, because I loved my Cube for the Nintendo games, viewtiful joe, wrestling games, RE4, Baten Kaitos and what not, but the "hardcore" gamers abandonned it, so it seems hypocritical for them to be crying for Gamecube 2.

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StraightPath2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

The quality of nintendos first party games is unrivalled i think nintendo can run its own console just by its first party games. But i think that is not true, Lets say GTA5 comes to Wii U the hardcore nintendo fans will definately buy this game.

But then again alot of third party developers do great on it if they make good games look at Level 5 with their professor layton games or capcom with their ace attorney games and numerous others

SKUD2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I don't see nintendo ever supporting / releasing M rated games on there system. Doesn't fit into the "family" image they've created this generation. That would be the cleanest version of GTA gamers have ever seen. Nintendo's version of hardcore is Metroid / Smash bros. LAWLS.

ChickeyCantor2333d ago

I think this is the second time that I read That_Whores comment.

He must have been living under a conservative rock...

adorie2333d ago

Unrivaled? that word has less and less meaning every day. Haha.

2333d ago
vallencer2333d ago


I don't know if you were watching last years e3 but Nintendo said themselves that games like metro the last light and darksiders 2 would all be welcome on their console. And they have supported many m rated games. Ever hear if conkers bad fur day, killer instinct, metal gear solid twin snakes, and madworld?

lizard812882333d ago

Yeah, Nintendo can't support their console alone. Look at the wii and what happened in 2011. No 3rd games what so ever, only games from Nintendo, and sales slipped alot.

PopRocks3592333d ago


Are you kidding me? Nintendo outright licensed Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube AND made a multi-game deal with Capcom with every previous game in the franchise, including the REmake.

finalblink412332d ago

Um not even close. Sony first party IP's > all. In both quality and quantity.

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firelogic2333d ago

It doesn't say anything about nintendo first party games. it says something about the brainless sheep that continue to buy the same game from the same 25 year old franchises over and over in droves.

AWBrawler2333d ago

News flash gamers from 25 years ago have kids and their kids like nintendo franchises too, and its not like mario from 1985 is the same as mario from 2011!

Shok2333d ago

Anyone care to explain the disagrees? Developers have expressed exactly what I just said for the longest.

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WildStyles2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Well, he's right. It's been like that for years. I ain't even mad at the devs who feel this way.

Sobari2333d ago

This is definitely a stereotype Nintendo needs to overcome. It's plagued them for way too long.

Yodagamer2333d ago

The reason why i think third party games don't do well is because they just don't advertise it for the nintendo platform as much as they would on other consoles

JsonHenry2333d ago

It also has to do with Nintendo's insistence on using wonky controllers/control schemes and gimmicks with their systems. Nintendo needs to tone it down a bit and get back to the basics that made it great during the NES/SNES days. Also making the horsepower under the hood of the console at least close to the same as the other two would probably help with publishers wanting to go multiplat on their system as well.

Yodagamer2333d ago

Every nintendo console has had a form of normal controls, the controllers have nothing to do with it

Captain Qwark 92333d ago

i don't think its the controller at all and i certainly wouldn't fault Nintendo for trying to innovate. Nintendo creates the controller with prob a few games in mind and then makes it work with all of its other franchises. its up to the devs to do the same. games can sell on Nintendo its just harder becuase its a different market and the majority of that market is casual. fortunately for Nintendo, even most casual gamers recognize most of Nintendo's characters and will happily pick up that game off the shelf.

the devs need to find a way to make the Nintendo console work for them and then find a way to make their game appeal to the correct market. unfortunately this is far easier said than done, so while its possible, its much more difficult and possibly less profitable than just going on the 360/ps3. to top it all off, lately their consoles have been much different so its almost not even an option for the dev to create for wii or wii u and then port to 360/ps3 which increases the risk of loss even further.

overall, i don't blame devs for not wanting to give it a shot, after all this is a business. however it is possible, unfortunately only with a lot of work and money behind it.

lizard812882333d ago

Oddly enough, The gamecube was more power than the PS2, IIRC.The PS2 was the weakest out of the 3.

Then again, Nintendo decided to fight piracy with those mini disks, which I guess nobody liked.

Half-Mafia2333d ago

This is how Nintendo's hardware always goes, its how the WiiU & 3DS will play out and you can already see that it happened with the Wii, DS, Gamecube and N64.

The only 3rd party dev that has managed to get a foot in is Ubisoft. But the kind of games Ubisoft has made for the Wii has been all for the casual audience.