Twisted Metal demo reflects '85% of day 1 tweaks'

GameZone writes, "According to David Jaffe, the demo should give a pretty accurate representation of how the game will play at launch."

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Colwyn2238d ago

I cant wait to buy this game

TheSanchezDavid2238d ago

I kind of want to download the demo, but I know I'm going to buy the game anyway, so I think I'd rather just wait to get my hands on the full version come launch.

Shang-Long2238d ago

i suggest getting the demo, play around and get use to the gameplay that way when u get the game you can just jump right in online mode, with no learning curve

PshycoNinja2238d ago

I thought there was a Story Mode part to the demo. Didn't Jaffe say something about that. I wanted to see how the live action scenes turned out.

MsclMexican2238d ago

No.... technically this is a multiplayer demo. It has all the tweaks and just gives the players a small taste of multiplayer.

Im still downloading it as we speak... I've heard there are some issues with matchmaking so I guess I will have to try it out tommorow

Kakihara2238d ago

I can't connect to a single multiplayer game and I lose every time in the challenge mode even though I score about three times more damage than anyone else and take less than most. Not sure what's going on there but if it all turns out okay this is gonna be a great game.

Tonester9252238d ago

You have to kill everyone to win. Last Man Standing and maybe you need to use a car with more armor perhaps

Legionaire20052237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

try the helicopter best vehicle for challenge mode, just keep on getting health in all the hidden locations. It should be easy with the helicopter.

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The story is too old to be commented.