IGN- SoulCalibur V Review

It may feel like no time at all since the last Soulcalibur, but it's actually been about three years. So now would be the perfect time for a new game in the series, right? Well, despite boasting a range of new characters, a full story campaign and a (sort of) new Critical Edge super move system, Soulcalibur V feels a lot like more of the same.

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DaThreats2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I know what yall saying..
Where is my video review?

ok :(

kramun2363d ago

Don't become a fortune teller. You're clearly unqualified.

TheGamingArt2363d ago

Talk about reviewing hypocritical with same old is same old. I swear they need to enforce their own reviewing standards.

Ser2363d ago

Yup, agreed.

"9.0 - OVERALL: AMAZING - CoD: Modern Warfare 3"

lolwut, IGN?

MoreRPG2363d ago

the game runs smooth
great graphics and fluid animations
and world-class gameplay
that's all i need to know

ChocolateGiddyUp2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Fuck you whale!
Fuck you dolphin!

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