Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city 20 minutes gameplay part 2

Buckle up and take a look at 20 more minutes gameplay from the forthcoming Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City as Msxbox-world show off a later mission as well as some more survival based gameplay in Raccoon City's streets and cemetery.

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Sanetoshi2058d ago

I like the look of the game's environments. Something about the use of color and the contrast between the darkness of the alley with the fire just seems very atmospheric.

hihosilver2057d ago

^ i agree, but one thing i notice is that it still doesnt feel like resident evil. you are constantly surrounded by allies and it takes away from the game alot. i dont see any puzzles, broken switches, lock gates ( that needs searching to find a key), or collecting crest, its just run and gun :( i know im going to get it ,but i wont be truly satisfied

decrypt2057d ago

Crapcom should just take the Valve Source engine and create a mod for L4D with Cut scenes and puzzles etc lol that would make a great RE game.

Benefits of going this way:

The source engine looks really good
Runs smooth (the last RE game felt so clunky).
Gun play on the source engine is second to none.

RedDead2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

It's not suppose to feel like RE. Does Halo Wars feel like you're playing Halo? No, it feels like an RTS set in the Halo universe.

Spydiggity2057d ago

can you say Left 4 Dead? jesus! it's like a generational leap backwards.

snipes1012057d ago

Like RedDead said, the game is not supposed to be anything like any of the other resident evil games or feel like them. Its a spinoff and nothing more.

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TVippy2057d ago

Boy. How could they fuck up the faces of my beloved characters so badly? Damn you, Slant Six, you're so untalented.

Gearshead752058d ago

Game looks great, add in the co-op and it is a must have for me!

RaidensRising2058d ago

I was a big fan of Lost Planet 2 and this looks mightily similar.

Spydiggity2057d ago

add in co-op? was that supposed to be some kind of joke?

jc485732058d ago

what's with the spider thing?

ShadesMoolah2058d ago

It's just a sweet game. Not sure why some people are hating.

Chnswdchldrn2058d ago

Looks like socom with zombies...

If you like zombies and socom, well then damn this is the game for you

lastdual2057d ago

Also, if you like shooting soldiers who rush out to take up position right beside explosive barrels :)

BattleTorn2057d ago

That's me, all right!

I'm completely sold on this game, after watching the gameplay vids.

Simple things sell me on games, usually; I love the way the red-dot moves across the target/enviroment.

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The story is too old to be commented.