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Pocket Gamer's Alan Purvis writes: "Touch My Katamari retains the blocky, cartoony style of previous instalments. It's not the super realism that the Vita is undoubtedly capable of, but it's a great fit for a whimsical game. Although simple in design, the sheer number and variety of items strewn about each playing area is astounding. The short levels, the longest of which is about eight minutes, make Touch My Katamari perfect for picking up, having a quick roll around, and putting away again. Like another popular kind of ball, it's fairly basic but it'll keep bouncing back into your hands all the same."

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Razongunz2393d ago

this game looks weird...

MasterCornholio2393d ago

I command you to touch my Katamari.

Lol don't you just love weird Japanese games. Jeez I had a huge laugh when I saw someone use the touchscreen to feed a prostitute a banana in dream club zero.


Razongunz2393d ago

now that was funny, i would love to get dreamclub zero..but its just to much japanese involved... so it will be way to annoying and hard when i don't know any japanese xP

as of touch my just looks weird deffinantly a game i will not buy xD..i guess ppl like them..i just think it looks weird and pointless :P

on dreamclub zero u get to atleast feed the hoes with bananas xD