Gaming Irresponsibly - Top 10 Nintendo Gamecube Games

Though the Gamecube was by no means Nintendo's most successful console, that didn't stop it from having some truly great games. Matt Beaudette of Gaming Irresponsibly runs down his ten favorite Nintendo Gamecube games.

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Relientk772391d ago

My favs are Wind Waker and Skies of Arcadia

darthv722390d ago

maybe someday I will finish you.

I might be one of only a handful that liked luigi's mansion. why there wasnt a proper sequel on the wii...???

for me my favs are the rogue squadron games. Factor just arent the same since you made lair.

Pushagree2390d ago

Gamecube was easily nintendos greatest home console. We just didnt know how good we had it ith the old cube until Wii came out.

Please nintendo! Make gamecube 2. Nobody wants anymore wii. NOBODY!